Ukraine has attacked Russian oil refineries

The strikes, which targeted the Ilskij and Afipskij refineries, were described as part of what Ukraine sees as “measured retaliation” in the form of attacks on infrastructure vital to Russia’s warfare.

– These refineries are legitimate targets. They are not only used by the defense and supply Russian soldiers with fuel, but they are also important for the Russian economy, the source told the AFP news agency.

There are no reports of damage to the refineries.

Intense night

The information comes after a night when both countries attacked each other with drones. 19 Ukrainian drones headed for several Russian regions were shot down over land and over the Black Sea, Russia’s Defense Ministry claims.

Russia, for its part, reportedly fired 16 drones at Ukraine. 10 of them were shot down, but the others allegedly caused material damage to civilian targets in the Kharkiv region.

A single civilian is also said to have been injured.