Udir political manifesto: the proposals in view of the elections on 25 September

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(Finance) – Recruitment, sizing, security, transfers. The measures that can solve some of the school’s problems requested in the poster presented by Udir. The objectives to be achieved – explains the union in a note – concern topics related to staff, career, responsibility, mobility.

The first result is to get the recruitment, through the recruitment of suitable candidates for the ds competition with scrolling of the merit rankings. The second concerns the sizing through the recognition of the exceptions up to 2024 to the ceiling of 500 pupils for the redetermination in the three-year period of autonomous schools also for mobility. The third concerns the safety, with the approval of the criminal law shield in compliance with the protocols for the protection of the health of workers and learners. The fourth concerns the transfers, with the derogation until 2025 of the contractual rate from 30% to 60% of the places intended for the mobility of school managers.

The goals are centered on organic: with assumptions on able-bodied schools, sizing review, and recovery of presidency offices. The second objective is inherent in the career with the equalization of the ancillary salary to the second bracket of public administration executives, restoration of newly hired Ria 2001, recovery of the Fun. The third objective concerns the responsibility, through the revision of the consolidated text on safety in the workplace. On the mobility the objective is to obtain the transfer of 100% of vacant places without authorization from the regional school offices.

Udir also recalls that in a few days, Thursday 22 September, there will be a new training workshop. The issues that will be addressed are: the division of skills in the field of school construction, governance tools, the main lines of financing, the most recent regulatory interventions, the first indications from the State Regions Conference for the mitigation of measures to combat Sars Covid in the school environment 2022/23, the Mobility manager. The meeting, which will be opened by the greetings of State Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Senator Barbara Floridia he was born in director of USR Sicily, Giuseppe Pierro, will intervene Marcello Pacifico, national president of Udir; Christmas Sacconemember engineer permanent national table of the Ministry of Education for security; Raffaele Guariniello, magistrate and jurist; Rosario Leone, former supervisor of the Studies of Palermo and Trapani; Vito Lo Scrudato, head teacher of the Umberto I classical high school in Palermo; Leon Zingales, head of school “IC Annarita Sidoti” of Gioiosa Marea (Messina); And Daniela Di Piazzahead teacher Ipsseoa “K. Wojtyla” of Catania.