Two of the toughest superhero films in history with 4 hours of bloody retribution and bone-crunching action

Two of the toughest superhero films in history with 4

Before the Marvel Cinematic Universe was suitable for families, two Marvel blockbusters in the 2000s set brutal standards. The film adaptation of the Punisher comics resulted in two films that feature humorless harshness and violent action. Just part 2 is probably the most brutal Marvel film. You can stream both Marvel films with a Disney+ subscription. * You can also find the dark Punisher series with Jon Bernthal there.

Violent Marvel action in the stream: That’s what the Punisher story is about

In The Punisher, gangster boss Saint Sr. (John Travolta) takes revenge on FBI agent Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) after a fatal attack on his father by killing his family. Castle himself is left for dead, but he survives and returns as a brutal vigilante anti-hero to seek revenge against Saint and his organization.

While the first Punisher film already has the red FSK 18 seal, the sequel Punisher: War Zone goes even further. The second part is with Ray Stevenson in the title role furious, hard action infernoin which the first 10 minutes set the tone with pure physical destruction.

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