Two Finns swim their records in the EC pool | Sports in a nutshell

None of the 11 Finns made it through Monday’s morning session in Belgrade.

17.6. 13:03•Updated 17.6. 13:03

The long-course EC swimming competitions started on Monday in Serbia in a rather gloomy Finnish atmosphere. 11 Finnish swimmers were seen in the outdoor pool in Belgrade in the morning, none of whom managed to claim a place in the next round.

The next place was the closest Kalle Mäkinen, who swam his record 23.81 in the men’s 50m butterfly. Mäkinen was 19th in the time comparison of the preliminaries and was left in reserve for the semi-finals. Ari-Pekka Liukkonen was 53rd with a time of 25.20.

Another Finnish success of the morning Ada Hakkarainen improved her record in the women’s 800 meters by almost four seconds and was just over two seconds away from the final place. Hakkarainen’s record time of 8:54.81 was enough for 11th place in the heats. Leonie Tenzer was the 14th and Laura Lahtinen 15:s.

Fanny Teijonsalo had to settle for a result of 56.63 in the women’s 100-meter freestyle semi-finals and 25 instead. Aliisa Soini was 36

In the men’s 100-meter breaststroke, the Finnish four fell far short of the final places. Olli Kokko was the 37th, Davin Lindholm 39th, Jami Ihalainen 40’s and Julius Nyberg 45th