Two are wanted in custody after the murder of C.Gambino

It was at 22:40 on Tuesday that the police were alerted to a shooting at Selma Lagerlöfs square in Gothenburg. In a parking garage, Grammy Award-winning rap artist C.Gambino was found shot.

He was taken to hospital but his life could not be saved.

Rap artist C Gambino shot dead in Gothenburg

  • C.Gambino’s murder may have been caught on film – garage full of cameras

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  • Detention hearing on Monday

    On Thursday, the police were able to arrest two people who were later arrested, suspected of aiding and abetting murder. On Sunday morning, the public prosecutor’s office announced via press release that the two were requested to be detained on probable cause on suspicion of aiding and abetting murder.

    Arrest proceedings will be held in the Gothenburg district court tomorrow, Monday.

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    Rapper C.Gambino is shot dead in a parking garage in Gothenburg. Here’s what we know about the case so far. Photo: SVT, Swedish Radio