Twitter users beware! You now have to pay a fee to use this important feature.

Twitter users beware You now have to pay a fee

Twitter said on February 15 that it had seen phone number-based 2FA being used and abused by bad actors, so Twitter announced that they would no longer allow non-Blue account accounts to sign up for the text message/SMS method for 2FA.

Non-Twitter Blue subscribers, on the other hand, were given time to disable this method and sign up for another method, and said, “After March 20, 2023, we will no longer allow non-Twitter Blue subscribers to use text messaging as a 2FA method.”

With the calendars showing March 20, 2023, that time has expired.

Twitter’s short message-based two-factor authentication feature has been added to the Twitter Blue subscription system, which costs 150 TL per month (on the web) in our country.

Now, users who are Twitter Blue subscribers by paying only 150 TL per month will be able to benefit from the text message-based two-factor authentication feature.

For two-factor authentication, methods such as authentication application and security key are open.


Two-factor authentication (2FA) is known as a security feature that helps protect your account from hackers. It requires users to enter a password and a code or security key to access their account.