Twitter starts cleaning up old accounts that are inactive

Privacy breach centered around Twitter Circle officially confirmed

Twitter’s controversial CEO Elon Musk old inactive from official account twitter announced that they have started cleaning their accounts.

Elon Musk A step forwarded by him a long time ago can only be taken now. Musk on Twitter not active started to clean old accounts and in this context some old usernames were released. told. On your own accountWe clean accounts that have had no activity for several years” said Musk, at the same time “so you can probably see your follower count go down” he said. Musk did not make a statement on how users could obtain these exposed old usernames other than creating a new account. The Twitter platform had come to the fore with a very unpleasant news before that. Twitter Circle that lets you share Tweets with only the people you want to see system, through a serious mistake that occurred in the past months, only shares made for certain people. showed it to everyone. determined “Environment” Tweets shared to run by algorithm “Special for you” Twitter, which made a terrible mistake like moving it to the section, therefore showed the secret posts even to people who are not your followers.


When this issue first emerged, there was no explanation from the company. The anticipated announcement was made recently and the plight was officially confirmed. In the e-mail sent by the platform, “A security issue that occurred in April 2023 may have allowed users outside of your Twitter Circle to see Tweets that should normally be restricted to your Circle to which you post” it was said. The company also “This issue has been identified by our security team and action has been taken to ensure that Tweets are no longer visible outside of Your Circle.” also made the statement.