Twitter immediately launched its new “Official” badge

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Elon Musk purchased for $44 billion by twitter There have been some really strange steps being taken for the last few days.

As we have mentioned before, Elon Musk, Twitter has spent a really big amount on its platform and definitely wants to get it out in the long run. The first step for this is a new $ 8 new twitter blue got a subscription. The most controversial part of this subscription is that anyone who pays $ 8 can get a blue check badge. In the past few days, you have taken a step in this direction exactly. Twitter, with money had prepared a new so-called “official” badge that would not be sold.

In other words, the company, which started using two different badges, later canceled it because Elon Musk did not want it. However, this “official” badge was reactivated today. Most likely due to the increase in verified fake accounts on the platform Elon Musk even had to take a step back. This new badge is only truly authenticated government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, major media outlets, broadcasters and some famous people is given.

behind this process Esther Crawfordquoted the following on Twitter for the step taken:Many people ask how to distinguish between subscribers who have received a Blue approval badge from Blue and officially verified accounts. In order to create this distinction, we are introducing our newly developed “Official” badge. Not all previously verified accounts will receive the “Official” tag and this tag cannot be purchased.


Accounts that will receive this tag will include government accounts, commercial companies, business partners, major media outlets, publishers and some public figures. The new Twitter Blue will include no authentication, a blue confirmation badge, and an optional paid subscription that offers access to certain features. We will continue to experiment with ways to differentiate between account types.”

This is the second badge prepared, as we have mentioned in the previous news, as everyone agrees. will certainly not prevent confusion and fraudulent activity on the platform. Once the blue badge sale starts, verified accounts that are only $8.official institutions, companies and individuals” to be used in major fraudulent activities by imitating. Elon Musk on this not taking a step back despite thousands of warnings and reactions it looks incredible.

Meanwhile, for this process Chrome extension is also prepared. The plugin, which can be accessed in this Tweet below, clearly demonstrates what an account’s badge is. In this way, those who paid for the blue approval badge can be seen immediately.