Twitter has officially blocked third-party apps

Twitter has completely removed the feature that makes fun of

Elon Musk After that, there are significant changes on the Twitter platform. Today, the reactionary step was officially taken.

Last week Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Birdie, Echofon and more many third-party Twitter applications have started to have problems, Access to these services has been interrupted. Initially, it was thought to be an issue caused by the change in the Twitter API. But the problems were not solved for very long, so It has been discussed that Twitter may have deliberately made the API-centered change. Many who thought so were right. Recently The Information According to Slack talks seen by the change is really intentional to hack third party apps done. This topic was approved by Twitter in the morning today, and the expected official rule change was made openly. The company no longer supports any third-party application, it wants everyone to use the official main application. Of course, this situation is not pleasant among people who produce other applications and those who use these applications. not met. The company gives the following information to the developers as new: “You will not use or permit others to use the Licensed Materials to create or attempt to create a service similar to the Twitter Apps.”


Recently, another interesting news about the platform came to the agenda. CEO last month Elon Musk made an announcement and said that the accounts of 1.5 billion platform users who have not logged into their accounts and tweeted for years will begin to be deleted. Announcing that basically unused accounts will start to waste usernames, Musk seems to have found a way to make money on it.

Because, according to The New York Times, the company considering selling usernames as a different way to increase revenue. News may bid for Twitter’s void usernames considering holding online auctions and he states that he is working on this issue. Twitter hasn’t made a statement about it yet, but It is thought that high money can be given for certain usernames.