Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologizes for mass layoffs

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologizes for mass layoffs

Elon Musk purchased for $44 billion by twitter platform, a massive layoff carried out.

First of all, let’s go over a summary for the kidnappers. last week Elon Musk company-wide demanded a large-scale layoff made the news. Musk passed a notification to department managers for this, and removable requested the creation of a list for personnel transferred. Musk, who previously wanted to part ways with 75 percent of the company, but gave up, recently Twitter wants to part ways with half of its staff it was said. Just above that A massive layoff has begun globally.

Here is the founder of Twitter about this sad situation Jack Dorsey also spoke. Dorsey, who stepped down as Twitter’s long-time CEO before Musk, apologized for the layoffs. Dorsey quoted exactly: “I know a lot of people are angry with me. It is my responsibility for everyone to be in this situation: I grew the company’s staff very quickly. I’m sorry for that.”

Dorsey also said: “Those who work at Twitter, past and present, are strong and resilient. No matter how difficult the moment they are in, they always find a way.”

Jack Dorseyurges current and former Twitter employees to blame themselves for situations under Elon Musk’s administration. “you understand” says. Most people company He’s pretty pissed off at Dorsey for giving it to someone like Elon Musk. Dorsey wasn’t the only one who had a say in this process, but he had a really big impact on sales. Dorsey directly said this about it: “Elon is the only solution I trust.” However, this trusted solution began to do more harm to the platform than anticipated.


Twitter was also sued based in the USA for these dismissals. As transmitted twittertwo different “WARN” on the dismissal of workers in accordance with the law did not give sufficient notice. According to the statement, these laws apply to companies’ employees before mass layoffs take place. at least 60 days in advance requires notification. The company that fails to do so is legally pushed aside. Ex-Twitter employees are behind this lawsuit.

currently has around 7,500 employees and specifically Musk, who reportedly plans to cut up to 3,700 employeesseems very serious about laying off Twitter to make it a profitable place. Before the layoff, the platform was losing $4 million a day, according to Musk.

By the way, we have mentioned before. The firing process accelerated with Musk, but Although Musk does not come, Twitter wants to shrink and it is stated that there have been plans for this for a long time. So the company has been thinking about this downsizing for a long time, so it’s been said that Twitter He wanted to cut an $800 million annual salary expense.