Twitch Streamer Tanzban Explains How He Came To His Girlfriend – All She Says Is “Uncomfortable”

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German Twitch streamer, Killian “Tanzverbot” Heinrich, explained in a Twitch stream how he and streamer QuiteLola found each other. But apparently this triggers a small crisis. Because he suggests that the woman is only with him because he is so successful on YouTube.

What does he say? In an Oct. 31 stream, Tanzbane and QuiteLola were apparently in the Halloween spirit, putting make-up on each other in front of the camera.

It seemed to be easy going and Tanzban cheerfully read a message from the chat:

“Ey Tanzi, how did you manage to find a woman like Lola?” Well, I have a million subscribers to YouTube. Ha… that’s how it goes, right?

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How does Lola react? Meanwhile, Lola closed her eyes and seemed to take a deep breath. When Tanzverbot turns to her, he realizes something is wrong and asks, “Did I say something wrong?” but Lola just says “Uncomfortable” and changes the subject.

Apparently, at that moment, Tanzban realized that he had assumed that Lola was only with him because he was “famous”.

Ban on dancing then seems to want to save the situation, saying: “It was just fun. I know that we feel more for each other” – but he hits granite.

“We don’t have to talk about feelings on stream now,” he gets as a professional answer.

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Clip goes viral on TikTok: does success make men more attractive?

Why is this so exciting? A TikTok clip of that moment has now garnered over 1.1 million views and nearly 700 comments (via tiktok).

This is an issue that has been subtly discussed in society at all levels. It is also a topic in the Twitch cosmos: Does success make men attractive to women?

This is a topic that US comedian Bill Burr took up in a stand-up number that has become famous: Successful athletes like Tiger Woods couldn’t save themselves from attractive women throwing themselves at him (via youtube).

Because that’s exactly what Tanzban suggests with a statement: An attractive woman is only interested in him because he’s successful.

The discussion reflects this theme:

  • Male TikTok users in particular say that ban on dancing is just “realist”, that’s good. People think that a woman like Lola is only with him because he’s so successful. He was “down to earth”
  • But others say that this is a superficial way of looking at it. Lola and Tanzverbot have a lot in common, like sharing their dry sense of humour.
  • For many, however, the situation is actually simply “uncomfortable.”
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    In the same situation as Tanzban were two major US Twitch streamers. Both Fortnite crack Tfue and WoW nerd Asmongold were at times with Instagram influencers or beauty streamers: at first glance, very unusual couples.

    The relationship did not last long for either couple. The women wanted to live in exciting cities like Los Angeles, but the two streamers wanted to stay in their respective comfort zones, where they grew up.

    Unusual couple back then: asmongold and pink sparkles.

    There was a big discussion about Asmongold in particular. He shouldn’t have a girlfriend at all, because then he would lose contact with the fans, it was said, because they are also single:

    Twitch’s flagship nerd can’t have a girlfriend: “I want him to be miserable and lonely like me.”