Twitch shared the platform’s 2023 plans

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The leader in the field of live streaming owned by Amazon Twitch2023 plans with important details shared.

Twitch, which has come to the fore in many good and bad issues in 2022, does not give up the leadership in live broadcasting, especially in game broadcasting. Tom Verrilli, Chief Product Manager of Twitch, which YouTube has not yet fully captured, made important statements today. The company, which prepared an article with Mike Minton, Chief Income Generator, conveyed the important innovations that we will encounter in 2023. The following statements were made in this regard: “Our main priority this year is growth on Twitch, growing both your communities and your revenues. In the first half of 2023, feature that will make it easy to make money without slowing your growth And as we deploy tools, we will also improve many of our existing tools to work more effectively and to help you more.”

To publishers “We offer more options where you can earn money” Tom Verrilli and Mike Minton shared the following for the new term:

  • -We aim to facilitate more intense interaction and audience recognition/appreciation processes within the community. One of the related features will be Sound Bites, first-party voice alerts that allow viewers to pay to interact with and support the streamer. Another will be an update to the Cheering feature that will allow the broadcaster to get to know and appreciate the audience in a more personalized way.
  • -We know that events like SUBtember have a positive impact on streamers’ revenue, so we’re looking into what else we can do around this to encourage viewers to support your channel. Alongside the major global events, there will be more special local events that will increase audience support and earn extra rewards. We are also experimenting with offering personalized discounts based on viewer behavior to increase support for the streamer.
  • -To ensure you can build meaningful sponsorship relationships, we will first test new features on Twitch with a limited number of streamers that we’ve developed to make sponsorship deals more effective and unique, that is, more efficient and profitable for both the streamer and the sponsoring brand. We are considering new channel skins that will make the sponsor brands’ presence on the channel less distracting and more interesting. The broadcaster will be able to easily place the sponsoring brand’s assets on the broadcast screen, above the chat, and elsewhere on the channel page as it sees fit. Once we get the right solution, we’ll make it available to all publishers.
  • -We are developing tools that will enable viewers to support you more easily by improving the viewing experience on mobile. This way, you’ll be able to monetize the support of the entire community, regardless of where they’re watching.


“We are developing new tools to make your broadcasts on Twitch and other channels more effortless,” the company said in this regard:

  • – Announcing and promoting your content on other platforms is very important for new viewers to discover you, but we are also aware of how troublesome it is for you to create promotional content from your VOD and clips. That’s why we’re working on tools that will make it simple for you to edit your VOD and clips and export them as vertical, short-form video formats. In addition, as part of our efforts to facilitate the promotion of your broadcasts on other platforms, we are in talks with Twitter to improve the compatibility of clips and live broadcasts with Twitter news feed.
  • -We’re also working on more tools and features to make it easier for new viewers to discover your content:
  • -With the Pinned Clips feature, you can pin up to 20 clips to your channel page. These clips will give new viewers visiting your page a better idea of ​​your content. There will of course be security controls here, and it’s entirely up to you to decide what to share and what not to share.
  • -With Broadcast Title emoticons, you will be able to add emoticons to your broadcast title. Coming very soon.
  • -Upcoming Broadcasts section will also be available on Twitch mobile apps. In this way, mobile viewers will be able to watch and be aware of the broadcasts of the channels they follow.

In addition to these, saying “We make it easier to publish ads” Twitch The officials shared the following in this regard:

  • -We are updating the Advertising Incentive Program in line with the feedback of our community, making it easier and more flexible. Once you join the program, you’ll be able to stay permanently and have more flexibility in the number of ads you run.
  • -We’re also improving the ad delivery experience. We understand from your feedback that it is difficult to keep track of when the ad will interrupt during the broadcast, and that you have difficulty preparing yourself and your community for the ad that will go live. Therefore, we’re making updates to Ads Manager to give you more transparency and control over upcoming ads.
  • We’re also aware that some viewers prefer an ad-free experience. That’s why we’re working to make Twitch Turbo even better for the community, with exclusive benefits like ad-free viewing or chat upgrades for emotes and badges. We look forward to sharing the developments in this area with you throughout the year.

For 2023, it is also reported:

We’re working on improvements to where and how ads can be broadcast on Twitch

  • -With two changes we will make in the first half of this year, we will improve the advertising experience for both viewers and publishers. First, we’re updating the ability to disable pre-stream ads for channels. If you run ads for 3 minutes per hour in any way, pre-stream ads will be disabled. In other words, the 90-second ad requirement every 30 minutes is no longer required. Second, we apply the picture-in-picture feature to most of the pre-stream ads shown to viewers.
  • -We’re also working on features that will notify the viewer of upcoming ads and allow them to delay video during the ad.
  • When you work with advertisers on branded content, we also work to improve your ability to inform your community about it.


We are developing collaboration and personalization opportunities in Guest Star publications.

  • -We’ll introduce browser support for Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari, and provide more detailed audio tools (for example, auto-turn off dual audio sources, disable echo cancellation for musician guests, etc.)
  • -Streamers have been streaming together since the first day of Twitch, using a lot of third-party sites and even our own solutions for this. However, these solutions until now basically relied on the partnership of two publishers, opening two tabs at the same time, and did not allow the two communities to interact together. Using the technology we developed for Guest Star, we are working on and will begin testing solutions that will truly enable the cross-channel and cross-community broadcast experience.

We’re building in-Twitch tools to better celebrate viewers

  • -We aim to facilitate more intense interaction and audience recognition/appreciation processes within the community. To improve your engagement with your audience, we strive to create tools that help you celebrate your community’s moments of support, making them more interactive and personal. We’re working on developing unique Twitch-specific alerts. We hope to share the developments in this area with you in the next few months. One of these alerts is Sound Bites, first-party audio alerts that allow viewers to pay to interact with and support the streamer.
  • – Thanks to the Audience Thresholds (or milestones), you will be able to see and appreciate the viewers who reach certain thresholds more easily during the broadcast, and establish closer and personal relationships with your viewers.

We give you more insight into what you’re doing right and where you can improve your content.

  • -We make the Publisher Homepage available to all Affiliates and Partners. You can think of it as a “epic hub” where you can find tips and advice to help you grow, depending on where you are in your broadcast journey.
  • -We add new analytics data:
  • -With tag impression analysis, you will be able to see how many people have found and received the broadcast by searching for each tag you use on the Browse page or from Twitch search results.
  • -You will be able to reach more viewers with the best day and time data to broadcast in different games and categories.
  • -With audience retention data, you can get ideas on how you can engage and retain your audience.

We help you appreciate and engage with your community while you’re live and offline.

  • -We know that most broadcasters want to stay in touch with the community outside of the live broadcast. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we will launch a messaging tool that will allow you to send video and clip messages to your followers or subscribers.
  • -We’re also developing a Q&A tool where you’ll be informed about viewers’ wishes and expectations, as well as moderator tools that allow submitted links to be reviewed and approved before showing them in chat.

We’re stepping up our efforts to find ways to make it easier for viewers to discover new content.

  • – We want to expand the possibilities for broadcasters to describe their broadcast content in their own words by further developing the customizable tags feature that you introduced in 2022, and to create a backend infrastructure that will detect and collectively display other broadcasts on the same topic (for example, speedrun) across Twitch. We’ll also make these content collections persistent and browsable, meaning you’ll be able to find publishers on that topic using a custom tag with a fixed URL.
  • – On mobile, we’re introducing a new discovery feature that allows viewers to easily navigate through a stream of recommended channels and clips. This feature will make things much easier for viewers who want to discover new broadcasters in a limited time.

“It gives us pleasure to see what you can do when you have the opportunity and power. We’re making these features and tools available because we want you to be able to create your dream communities much more easily and securely.” said Tom Verrilli and Mike Minton, their explanations “Together we can make Twitch a better place for all of us” closes the sentence.