TV4 on site in Baltimore: “Striking event”

An extensive search is still underway in the waters surrounding the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Six construction workers are presumed dead after the accident.
– This is a startling event that is receiving attention throughout the United States, says TV4 Nyhetern’s foreign correspondent Tomas Kvarnkullen on location in Baltimore.

At half past two on Tuesday, the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed in Baltimore in the United States after a freighter crashed and drove into the bridge.

Six construction workers who were working to fix potholes on the bridge are believed to be dead after the accident.

TV4 News’ foreign correspondent Tomas Kvarnkullen has made it to Baltimore, and he describes the mood in the city as shaken.

– Those who live nearby heard when the bridge collapsed. They are very shaken by what happened, says Tomas Kvarnkullen.

Christopher Romey lives a couple of kilometers from the collapsed bridge. When he woke up Tuesday morning, he saw on the news that a bridge had collapsed in Baltimore.

– I thought it looked like the Key Bridge, but it looked so small. Then I realized that the pictures were taken from Fort Carroll (island a couple of hundred meters from the bridge reds.anm.). I couldn’t believe it, says Christopher Romey to TV4 Nyheterna.

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Here the giant bridge collapses in the USA

Followed the bridge construction with his father

Romey was in the nooks and crannies around the bridge talking to fishermen in the harbor just a couple of hours before it collapsed. He remembers back to when the bridge began to be built in 1972 and his father took him there to watch the construction.

– For five years, we went here once a month to see how far they had come. It’s been here for 47 years, and I’m glad I was here yesterday and got to see it one last time, says Christopher Romey.

He believes that the accident will have a major impact on the Baltimore community.

– Right now the cargo ships cannot come in with products to the port. Many will lose their jobs and it will take a while to clear the channel.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge was also an important piece of the puzzle in the road network around Baltimore, and like many others Christopher Romey believes that the bridge collapse will lead to big ones in Baltimore.

– We have two tunnels that will be overcrowded now, and those who cannot fit there will have to travel through the city. The roads there are not in such good condition, so it will be tough, says Christopher Romey to TV4 Nyheterna.