TV spring 2023 – here are the goodies

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK



“The lying life of adults” (4/1, Netflix).

+ Film adaptation of the Elena Ferrante novel “The Lying Life of Adults”.

“Copenhagen Cowboy” (5/1, Netflix).

+ Director Nicolas Winding Refn returns to the dark parts of Copenhagen.

“Welcome to Chippendales (11/1, Disney+).

+ Drama series about the dark side of male stripping, with Kumail Nanjiani and Murray Bartlett (“The White Lotus”).

“Events by water” (13/1 SVT Play, 15/1 SVT).

+ Star-studded Kerstin Ekman detective story with Rolf Lassgård, Pernilla, Alba and Asta Kamma August.

“The last of us (16/1, HBO Max).

+ Big bet in nine episodes based on the popular Playstation game.

“Litvinenko” (17/1, Viaplay).

+ David Tennant plays the Russian KGB colonel who was poisoned in Britain.

“That 90’s Show” (1/19, Netflix).

+ Follows up the popular TV4 series “That 70’s show” two decades later. Several of the actors will return.

“Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre” (1/19, Netflix).

+ Japanese manga series in anime versions in a new major venture from Netflix.

Björn Gustafsson and Erik Haag run with our times in “Padeldrömmar” on TV4. Press photo.

“Padel dreams” (20/1, TV4).

+ Comedy series mocking our times, with Björn Gustafsson and Erik Haag.

“Shrinking” (1/27, Apple TV+).

+ Jason Segel (“How I met your mother”) and Harrison Ford in a comedy series about a therapist who tells his patients what he really thinks and thinks.

“Lockwood & co” (1/27, Netflix).

+ Teenagers with superpowers fight ghosts in London.


“Fake” (3/2, SVT).

+ Drama series about three friends who return to their hometown, with Renaida Braun and Frida Argento among others.

“Leif and Billy” (4/2, SVT).

+ Seventh season with the brothers in Sörbäcken.

“The Hijacking (6/2, C More).

+ Continuation of “Sthlm Requiem” with Liv Mjönes and Jonas Karlsson. A plane is hijacked on the way to San Francisco.

“Limbo” (12/2, Viaplay).

+ Drama series based on real events in Rakel Wärmländer’s life. She plays the main role opposite Sofia Helin and Oscar Töringe.

“Fleishman is in trouble” (2/22, Disney+).

+ Divorce drama with Jesse Eisenberg and Claire Danes


“The Mandalorian” (1/3, Disney+).

+ Third season of the series in the “Star wars” universe.

“Daisy Jones & the Six” (3/3, Prime Video).

+ Drama about a rock band that had its heyday in the 1970s. Starring Riley Keough and Sam Claflin.


“The detective from Beledweyne” (SVT).

+ A narrow-minded lawyer (Malin Levanon) and a refugee from Somalia (Nasir Dhagole) investigate a disappearance near a refugee detention center.

“The interrogation” (Viaplay).

+ Third and final season with Evin Ahmad and Sverrir Gudnason.

“1923” (SkyShowtime).

+ The next part in the Yellowstone story starring Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford.

“Live life” (Viaplay).

+ Drama series with Hanna Ardéhn as a 24-year-old whose life is turned upside down by a cancer diagnosis.

“White House plumbers” (HBO Max)

+ Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux in Watergate drama.

“The swarm” (Viaplay).

+ Alexander Karim in international thriller series about environmental destruction.

“Delete me” (Viaplay).

+ Second season of the Norwegian drama series with Happy Jankell.

“Succession” (HBO Max).

+ In the fourth season of the acclaimed series, Alexander Skarsgård takes up more space with his character ot mogul Lukas Matsson.


“Bingolotto” (7/1, Seven).

+ The game program moves from TV4.

Expectant senior singles looking for love in “Hotel Romance”. Press photo.

“Hotel Romance” (8/1, SVT).

+ Dating program for pensioners in Switzerland with Erik Ekstrand and Keyyo as presenters.

“Marko and Irma” (12/1, TV4).

+ Markoolio helps his mother build a new house in reality series.

“Land of the Cyclops” (13/1, SVT1).

+ SVT’s panel program on popular culture with Christopher Garplind advances from Thursdays in the second to Fridays in the first.

“Breakpoint” (1/13, Netflix).

+ The tennis world hopes this reality series following top players will do for their sport what “Drive to survive” did for Formula 1.

“Fboy Island Sweden” (19/1, Discovery+/HBO Max/Kanal 5).

+ New dating reality where the girls choose between “fuckboys” or nice guys. Klara Elvgren is the presenter.

“Good luck guys” (20/1, Prime Video).

+ Influencers must make it in Thailand. Kodjo Akolor is the host of the reality series.

“After five” (22/1, TV4).

+ Tilde de Paula and the gang now also start broadcasting on Sundays.

“Jeopardy” (30/1, Discovery+/Channel 5)

+ The classic quiz is back. Mikael Tornving gives the answers.

“The King with Two Faces” (1/2, Discovery+/Channel 5).

+ Documentary about the king in five parts with Aftonbladet’s former head of culture Åsa Linderborg.

“My mother, your father” (8/3, TV4).

+ Dating program for divorced parents.

“Underdogs” (17/3 SVT Play, 18/3 SVT).

+ Celebrities like Anders Bagge, Nicole Falciani and Dogge learn to live with dogs. Anis Don Demina is the presenter.

“Bachelor in paradise” (27/3, TV4).

+ TV4 gathers popular contestants from previous seasons and gives them another chance at romance.

“Sleep well with David Batra” (20/4, SVT).

+ After enduring harsh weather and testing life as an Indian, the comedian is back with a program about why Swedes sleep so badly.

“Bröderna Norén’s wonderful journey” (8/5, TV4).

+ Musical road trip with Gustaf and Viktor Norén.


“Drag race Sweden” (SVT)

+ Robert Fux leads the Swedish version of the iconic program.

“Wild love” (Viaplay).

+ Dating program that hopes for floating love along the Klarälven.


“The Farm” (8/1, TV4).

+ Anna Brolin leads the new round of the reality soap.

“Sweden’s master chef” (11/1, TV4).

+ With new jury member Tommy Myllymäki.

“Carina Bergfeldt” (13/1, SVT).

+ The fourth season of the talk show.

“Talent” (13/1, TV4).

+ With new jury David Batra, Johanna Nordström, Helena Bergström and Victor Norén.

“Love Island Sweden” (23/1, TV4 Play/Seven).

+ The more interactive dating program is back with new host Julia Franzén.

“Antikrundan” (26/1, SVT).

+ With visits to Borås, Strömstad, Båstad, Virserum, Eskilstuna and Skellefteå.

“Swedish news” (27/1, SVT).

+ With an as yet unknown new presenter after Kristoffer Ahonen Appelquist.

“Superstars” (30/1, Discovery+/Channel 5)

+ This year with, among others, Frida Hansdotter, Jenny Rissveds, Lars Frölander and Kennet Andersson.

“All Against All” (30/1, Discovery+/Kanal 5:)

+ Filip and Fredrik recharge after the final in Globen at the latest.

“Biggest loser” (30/1, TV4).

+ Malin Stenbäck is the new presenter.

“Wahlgren’s World” (2/2, Discovery+/Channel 5).

+ Pernilla Wahlgren is back with her family.

“Melodifestivalen” (4/2, SVT).

+ Farah Abadi and Jesper Rönndahl lead this year’s tour, which ends with the final on March 11

“Jill’s porch” (8/3, SVT).

+ The country queen is back with new artist meetings in Nashville.

“Let’s dance” (18/3, TV4).

+ Charlotte Kalla is among the celebrities dancing this spring.

80-year-old Harrison Ford, who has never done television before, is current with two different series this spring, “1923” on SkyShowtime and “Shrinking” on Apple TV+. Archive image.


“Masked singer Sweden” (TV4).

+ New masked celebrities in Sweden’s most popular program.

“Bianca” (Discovery+).

+ New guests at Ingrosso.

“Master of masters” (SVT).

+ This year, among others, with Nils van der Poel, Anders Holmertz and Jonna Adlerteg.

“Best in test” (SVT).

+ Nikki Amini, Marko “Markoolio” Lehtosalo, Henrik Nyblom and Linnea Wikblad are this spring’s permanent panel with Babben Larsson and David Sundin.