TV license fee: who’s next for the next refund?

TV license fee whos next for the next refund

2022 TV ROYALTY. The next reimbursement of the audiovisual license fee will take place in October. For who ? How it works ? We take stock.

[Mis à jour le 19 septembre 2022 à 08h12] The first phase of reimbursement of the tv license fee is now complete. The payment was scheduled for September 6, 2022 and concerned taxpayers paid monthly for the payment of this audiovisual license fee and exempt from housing tax. As a reminder, this local tax of 138 euros has been definitively abolished within the framework of the purchasing power law voted this summer, with a view to reducing taxes desired by Emmanuel Macron. Now, the second phase of reimbursements is about to begin. You are concerned if you are monthly paid for the payment of the tv license fee and you also pay your residence tax. In this case, the full refund will be sent to you by automatic bank transfer in October 2022. For the time being, no exact date has been communicated by the executive. Note that a second option is also possible, it is a reduction of what you have to pay in respect of the residence tax, if the amount of the monthly payments already deducted is less than the amount of housing tax due for 2022. As a reminder, the abolition of the audiovisual license fee represents a shortfall of 3.7 billion euros for the State which will be compensated by a transfer of a fraction of the VAT proceeds until the end of 2024.

The abolition of the tv license fee will give rise to various reimbursements during the months of September and October 2022. Three main situations exist, here they are:

  • Monthly payment and exempt from housing tax : reimbursement in September by bank transfer
  • Monthly payment and payment of housing tax : reimbursement in October
  • Not monthly : no steps

In 2021, the public audiovisual contribution amounted to 138 euros, for everyone and regardless of the composition of your household or the number of televisions. Overseas, it was lower since it stood at 88 euros. As a reminder, the contribution to public broadcasting had to be paid each year before its abolition in the summer of 2022. Since 2005, it was backed by the housing tax. Its amount was therefore entered on the notice of assessment of the local tax.

The amending finance law (LFR) for 2022 published in Official newspaper of August 17, 2022 abolishes from 2022 the contribution to public broadcasting which makes it possible to finance public broadcasting. This fee, which brought in 3.7 billion euros to the State, will be compensated by a transfer of a fraction of the VAT proceeds until the end of 2024. The abolition of the fee is part of the government’s desire to reduce the taxes of the French in the face of the constant rise in inflation for several months. It is also possible to mention the abolition of the housing tax which will concern all owners of their main residence in 2023.

You discover that you are liable for the TV license fee and want to know if there are any exemption situations? Here are the taxpayers who are not subject to this tax:

  • You benefit from the AAH and your income does not exceed a ceiling.
  • You are disabled or live with a disabled person: exemption is possible, again subject to income.
  • Your reference tax income is equal to 0.
  • You are under 21 (or under 25 and studying) and are still attached to your parents’ tax household.
  • You are over 60 or you are a widow (or widower): it is possible to benefit from an exemption subject to income (see below).
  • You receive the minimum old age (ASPA) or the UPS.
  • You live in an nursing home or a retirement home.

Remember that the reference tax income must also not exceed certain ceilings. Here are the reference tax income limits not to be exceeded:

  • 1 share: 11,120 euros
  • 1.5 shares: 14,089 euros
  • 2 units: €17,058
  • 2.5 units: €20,027
  • 3 shares: 22,996 euros