Tuukka Rask boosts the Finnish golf elite with a tough LPGA tour: “The wish finally came true”

Tuukka Rask boosts the Finnish golf elite with a tough

Matilta Castren’s season starts today in Orlando. Tuukka Rask, who finished his hockey career last season, is participating in the invitation competition.

A couple of years ago, he became the first Finn to win the LPGA golf tour of Matilda Castren the season starts on Thursday at the LPGA tournament in Orlando. This is the fourth season of the current number one star of Finnish women’s golf on the number one tour.

Castren will have interesting company in the opening round, as a former NHL goaltender Tuukka Rask is one of the public figures participating in the competition. They play in the same group.

Initially, Castren did not know that the Finnish star who guarded the Boston Bruins’ goal was coming to Orlando to compete.

– But when I heard about it from my manager, I asked to play with him. That wish finally came true, Castren said in the press release.

Golf has been part of Raski’s activities for a long time. The 35-year-old Rask ended his career last season, after which he has had time for his hobby.

During his long NHL career, Rask won the Stanley Cup (2011) and the Vezina Trophy (2014), awarded to the best goaltender.

Orlando features just 29 professionals playing the 72-hole stroke-play event. The prize money of the inaugural competition is 1.5 million dollars, of which the winner receives a slice of 225,000 dollars. Rask and other invited guests are playing their own tournament with a pot of $500,000.

Castren traveled to Orlando already last week. He trained at the Finnish national team’s training camp.

Castren goes into its season opener with confidence.

– The game never feels complete after a long break. But it still feels good and I can expect good results and rounds.