Turtle-shaped floating city project: Terayacht by Lazzarini

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From time to time, we come across very interesting projects. One of them is a giant turtle-shaped floating city project it happened.

Although this will be very difficult and costly, he is behind the project that is desired to be realized. Pierpaolo Lazzarini is located. Coming soon “Terayacht by Lazzarini” Lazzarini, who came out with a floating city project called calculates that it can be realized with a figure of at least 8 billion dollars.. Of course, it is not known whether this will be true, but the plans on paper look remarkable. Imagine this floating city with a length of 550 meters and a width of 610 meters. Pierpaolo Lazzarini, He states that at least 60 thousand people can live in this city.

Those who want to equip this floating city with hotels, shopping malls, parks, ship and plane ports, luxury villas, clubs, as well as almost every element that will allow life to continue in the middle of the ocean Pierpaolo Lazzarini, wants to power this huge sea vehicle with nine different electric motors called HTS. With 16,800 horsepower under the plan on this paper Calculating continuous motion at a speed of 5 knots.


It is aimed to produce electricity from the sun, wind and wave movements. “Terayacht by Lazzarini”, As can be clearly seen, it is not a project that will be implemented easily. But there are some interesting projects for the cities of the future that have been seriously turned into reality. one of them It is being built in Saudi Arabia.