Turkish Space Agency signed an agreement with Axiom Space

Turkish Space Agency signed an agreement with Axiom Space

Turkish Space Agencysigned an agreement with Axiom Space to take a Turkish citizen to the ISS.

Established for the kidnappers Turkish Space Agency An unexpected announcement took place in the past months, and he conveyed exactly this: “The Turkish Space Traveler and Science Mission is one of the 10 targets set within the scope of the National Space Program. In the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, a Turkish citizen will be sent to the International Space Station after receiving the necessary training. Within the scope of this mission, Turkey’s first manned space mission will be carried out and our scientists will be given the opportunity to conduct experiments under the conditions of the International Space Station.

TUA is on the agenda again today because for the process Axiom Space An agreement has been reached with the company. Varank, who looks at this issue, said on Twitter: Wrote: “We signed a historic agreement on the first manned space mission that we will carry out on the 100th anniversary of our Republic. We will cooperate with Axiom Space for the training and flight service of the Turkish space traveler whose selection process is ongoing. With the National Space Program, dreams turn into pride.”

Axiom SpaceAs reported, it will provide training and flight services to Turkey for space travel. The process of taking it to space is again SpaceX in partnership with will be. Because Axiom Space is also in its own missions. It drives SpaceX’s Falcon 9. The company does not have a rocket developed by itself, in partnership with SpaceX. Axiom Station It is also working on establishing a special space station called


Last week, it was reported that the person who will go to space for the process was not selected. posting on twitter Turkish Space Agencyregarding the process, had announced: “We are approaching the exciting end of Turkey’s first manned space journey. The screening process continues meticulously.It is not yet certain when the first person will be announced, but it is expected that this lucky person selected will be announced before the end of the year.

TUA Board Member Prof. Dr. Lokman Kuzu stated that the total cost for the first Turkish citizen who will go to space in the past months. approximately $70 million (1.280,496,000,00 Turkish Lira) announced it would. in the process SpaceX and the mission will be performed directly with the Falcon 9 rocket model and the Dragon capsule.