Turkish-made The Quinfall looks amazing

Turkish made The Quinfall looks amazing

Turkish developer Vawraek Technology has shared the alpha gameplay trailer for The Quinfall, its first fantasy MMORPG game.

Developed by the Turkish game company Vawraek Technology with the Unity engine, The Quinfall seems to bring a new breath to the MMORPG genre. The production, which appeared in the alpha gameplay video released yesterday, seems to be one of the most difficult among the MMORPG games we have seen so far.

The Quinfall alpha gameplay trailer released

According to what is described in the video, we will have the largest world we have ever seen. This world is strategically spread over cliffs, coasts, mountains and even underground on a vast land of 2016 km².

The Quinfall Lands have a variety of landforms, mountains, lakes, and rivers shaped by their respective biomes and climates. Local vegetation also corresponds to the biome.

In this world, the seasons and weather conditions such as rain and snow interact with objects as well as your character. The number of plants and some animals may decrease in certain climates. Some areas may be subject to flooding and some areas may rise to the surface as a result of drought. You will also be able to deal with agriculture according to landforms and climate. If you don’t have enough time, you can hire workers or real players and take a break to explore Quinfall.

In terms of gameplay, the developers promise a different MMORPG experience where players can visit other players’ shops and taverns, play mini-games and board games with others, or even create their own music.

The crafting system has a very complex structure. Players will choose from 11 professions. In addition, all professions are interrelated. Cooking allows one to create dishes and desserts that give special powers in different areas, while with chemistry you can obtain formulas and create powerful potions that heal your character or friends.

Quinfall also supports nautical games. Players will be able to build a ship to sail into the ocean where they battle against the weather, pirates, other players and even monsters like the Kraken, hoping to find untold treasures on a remote island.

The game’s closed beta from the official website You can register .