Turkish Esports Teams Made Their Mark at PUBG Mobile Club Open Europe 2023

Turkish Esports Teams Made Their Mark at PUBG Mobile Club

Every day, a new one is added to the successes of Turkish esports clubs in many different games. Our representatives left their mark on PUBG Mobile Club Open Europe 2023, the final stage of which was held in the last days of October. In the grand final stage of the tournament played with 16 teams Our team, Eagle Esports, will hold the championship. he braved it. Additionally, our other 3 teams performed extremely successfully. Thus, Turkish esports teams once again proved their worth against their competitors abroad, especially PUBG Mobile.

Turkish Esports Teams will be at the top in PUBG Mobile Club Open Europe 2023

The grand final stage was held between 27 October and 29 October. PUBG Mobile Club Open – Europe in 2023 A total of 4 Turkish clubs took part. Our clubs, which accounted for 25 percent of the 16 teams in the final stage, were able to leave their mark on the groups not only with their numbers but also with their performances.

Our representative Eagle Esports, which took the leadership seat at the end of the 3-day competition, won the grand prize of 6 thousand dollars as well as the championship cup. One of our other teams competing in the championship Buny Esports He finished the tournament in 4th place with a good performance. Buny Esports received a share of $1200 from the prize pool for his performance.

Another representative of ours who appeared in the tournament BRX Esports It ranked 5th right after Buny Esports. BRX Esports’ share of the total prize pool of 20 thousand dollars was one thousand dollars. Turkish teams in the championship Mumia Esports He was entitled to receive a $500 prize from the tournament where he placed 9th.

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Professional PUBG Mobile Turkish E-Athletes in the Tournament

While a total of 100 athletes from 14 different nationalities participated in PUBG Mobile Club Open – Europe 2023 with their teams, another factor of pride was that 30 of these players were Turkish. Turkish e-sports players in the tournament were as follows:

  • Ahmet
  • akins1ns
  • albedo
  • Berk
  • Castor
  • Ciyooo
  • Deno
  • hunter
  • jades
  • jaxres
  • lazy
  • lowless
  • maniaccx
  • marsooo
  • Maximo10
  • merciless
  • nutz
  • NymphexX
  • Oguzeyez
  • Ozzy
  • quantum
  • rays
  • RecentVVL
  • Robbz
  • Tayfur
  • touch
  • Twistt
  • XP3
  • Yuxi