Turkey is not rushing Sweden’s NATO application

“Sweden’s NATO membership is just one of the international agreements on our agenda awaiting ratification,” said committee chairman Fuat Oktay in connection with a committee meeting on Wednesday.

He added that the matter is being dealt with “when the time is right” and within the “framework of our own priorities”.

– What is urgent for others is not necessarily urgent, Oktay continued, according to Reuters.

President Erdogan sent the documents for ratification to parliament last week. The defense committee must also give its opinion on whether Sweden can be approved.

Then the matter goes on for a vote

Once the committees have done their work, the matter goes on for a vote in the main chamber of Parliament. If the schedule for the autumn session of parliament holds and nothing unexpected happens, the vote will take place no later than December 10, sources have previously told TT.

When Finland’s application was ratified by the Turkish parliament, the process took about two weeks. But Sweden does not get such a fast process.

Hungary and Turkey are the only countries that have not approved Sweden’s entry into NATO among the members of the NATO defense alliance.