Trymacs and Knossi start their own pizza chain, Knossi drops his pants at the start

Jens “Knossi” Knossala and Maximilian “Trymacs” Stemmler are two of the biggest streamers on German Twitch. It’s not unusual for influencers to have their own products, but you rarely see their own pizza restaurant chain like the two are starting now. We at MeinMMO tell you what we know about Happy Slice.

What’s the deal with the pizza? Knossi and Trymacs are launching their joint pizza chain, Happy Slice, today, May 25th. So far it has been a purely digital restaurant chain, the pizzas are available in 72 branches. There are currently 14 varieties, including 4 vegan ones (via Happy Slice).

Streamers accompany the launch of Happy Slice with a stream on the Knossi and Trymacs Twitch channels. Some fans even get their pizza handed over personally by the streamers.

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The first delivery is unexpected

How did the launch go? As you know the two, a bit chaotic. Currently (as of 7:30 p.m.) the two have successfully delivered their first pizza. On the way they were spotted and besieged by a group of young fans.

When they arrived at the viewer, they were asked into the apartment, where Knossi dropped his pants directly: As it turned out, the viewer designs his own fashion and spontaneously left a few copies to the streamer. In return, the two promptly forgot their delivery backpack.

In addition to today’s launch, the two want to be at the start with a bus in Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg at the weekend and provide their fans with pizza on site. Anyway, if first shipment is any indication, fans can look forward to plenty of entertainment.

Knossi and Trymacs had already teased their planned project on social media in advance. However, they revealed a little more than planned, because resourceful viewers leaked the website more than a week before the release:

Twitch: Will Trymacs and Knossi have pizza soon? Fans discover secret project