Trump has become a warmonger! The words “I encourage Russia” became a trending topic in the world

Trump has become a warmonger The words I encourage Russia

Donald Trump, who remains on the agenda with his striking statements and is the strongest candidate before the upcoming elections, made a statement that can be described as scandalous in an election speech in the state of South Carolina.


He said he would not help low-paying NATO countries if they were attacked by Russia, but would encourage Russia to attack.

Making his election speech in South Carolina, Trump addressed NATO member countries that pay less as part of the alliance. Trump announced that he came to the leader of a major country at a meeting attended by the leaders of NATO countries and asked whether the USA would protect them if they were attacked by Russia, even if they did not pay.

Explaining his answer to the leader who did not fulfill his NATO obligations to the audience, Trump said: “Will you protect us if we don’t pay and Russia attacks us?” asked. I asked him, didn’t you pay? You are guilty. No, I won’t protect you, in fact, I will encourage them to do whatever they want. “I said you have to pay,” he said.



In the statement made by the White House, it was stated that Trump encouraged the invasion of the USA’s closest allies by murderous regimes, and the comments were called “appalling and irrational”. In the statement, it was emphasized that Trump endangered national security, global stability and economy.

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