Truls Möregårdh names his best favorite clip with Jan-Ove Waldner – which he can never get enough of: “Shivering”

Truls Möregårdh gave all of Sweden something to remember when he decided for the Swedish team in the table tennis EC.
But when he wants to get goosebumps himself, he has an old clip he usually pulls out.
– It is difficult to watch without getting shivers, says Möregårdh to Sportbibeln.

Together with the Swedish team took Truls Möregårdh, 22, home table tennis EC in Malmö. The 22-year-old was decisive when he beat the German in the last match Timo Ball42. Möregårdh, together with the rest of the team, has been highly praised for his achievement.

About the EC gold

For Sportbibeln, Truls talks about the feelings after the victory.
– It feels completely unreal. Just like that, that it was at home, Timo Boll in the last game, and that I get to decide it. It really felt like a dream, he says.

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230917 Truls Möregårdh of Sweden celebrates as he poses for a picture with the gold medal after winning the men’s final between Germany and Sweden during day 8 of the 2023 European Table Tennis Championship on September 17, 2023 in Malmö. Photo: Mathilda Ahlberg / BILDBYRÅN / code MA / MA0522

It was never particularly exciting between Möregårdh and Boll, as the Swede made a great performance and it was close to being outclassed in terms of results. The EC hero’s super balls probably gave all Swedish table tennis enthusiasts goosebumps.

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Möregårdh’s favorite clip

But to give Truls Möregårdh goosebumps, we have to go back 19 years, to 2004. Then unfolded Jan-Ove Waldners Olympic semi-final vs Ryu Seung-min. And one stage in that match is something the 22-year-old has seen many times, and describes as his favorite clip that he can watch over and over again, see the video below.
– When JO hits without looking in the Olympics against Ryu Seung-min. It’s a real classic. It is difficult to look at without getting shivers, says Möregårdh to Sportbibeln.

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Jan-Ove Waldner’s unforgettable stroke in the 2004 Olympics is Truls Möregårdh’s favourite. PHOTO: Youtube

The incident he refers to is when JO Waldner makes a “no-look” shot against the South Korean Seung-min. With basically his back to the ping-pong table, Waldner hits a shot that Seung-min misses.

A then 38-year-old Waldner unfortunately lost that match, but his performance lives on to this day, see the video below.

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