Troyes – Strasbourg: draw, the summary of the meeting

Troyes Strasbourg draw the summary of the meeting

ESTAC-RC Strasbourg. Neither ESTAC Troyes nor RC Strasbourg managed to take the lead in this Ligue 1 shock, at the Stade de l’Aube, this Sunday, May 21, 2023. The counters show 1 goals to 1. Here is what you have to hold back from the shock.

4:51 p.m. – No winner at the Stade de l’Aube (1-1)

RC Strasbourg lacked realism: after this duel, possession of the ball is in favor of RC Strasbourg (47%-53%), which has also created more serious chances, with 5 shots on target against 4 for ESTAC Troyes, but we remain at 1-1 (1-1).

16:50 – Offside whistled against RC Strasbourg

90ᵉ. An RC Strasbourg player is trapped offside and allows his opponents to restart.

16:50 – Injury by Andreas Bruus

90ᵉ. Stoppage in Troyes. Andreas Bruus seems to have injured himself on the previous action.

4:46 p.m. – Yasser Larouci is flagged offside

90ᵉ. Yasser Larouci is sanctioned with an offside and allows the opposing team to clear.

16:46 – It’s missed for Yasser Larouci!

90ᵉ. ESTAC Troyes tries to find the fault but Yasser Larouci’s attempt is finally aborted.

16:44 – The decisive goalkeeper on this shot from RC Strasbourg

89ᵉ. RC Strasbourg’s attempt is narrowly missed as we reach the 89th minute of the match.

16:44 – Yasser Larouci frames his shot, but it doesn’t go in!

89ᵉ. Yasser Larouci thinks to find the opening but this shot which nevertheless took the path of the frame does not hit the mark.

16:43 – A free kick will allow ESTAC Troyes to clear

88ᵉ. ESTAC Troyes wins a free kick in its last entrenchments which will allow it to have some air and preserve the draw (1-1) in this 2nd period. A saving free kick for the Trojans as the end of the match approaches!

16:43 – Nice save from the goalkeeper of ESTAC Troyes

88ᵉ. RC Strasbourg creates danger with this new strike, but the opposing goalkeeper manages to pull off the necessary save as we reach the 88th minute of the game.

16:43 – Shot on target for ESTAC Troyes

88ᵉ. It was time to make a difference! A player from ESTAC Troyes manages to fit on this strike, but it is a failure.

16:42 – Kyliane Dong is replaced by Yasser Larouci at Les Troyens

87ᵉ. Yasser Larouci came on as a replacement for Kyliane Dong in the 87th minute of play.

16:41 – Yoann Salmier is replaced by Andreas Bruus at the Trojans

86ᵉ. Yoann Salmier gives way to Andreas Bruus in the 86th minute of play.

16:41 – ESTAC Troyes gets a free kick close to the surface!

86ᵉ. This is a very dangerous free kick for Strasbourg in this draw! Clément Turpin whistled this 17th set piece in favor of ESTAC Troyes very close to their goals. We reach the last quarter of an hour of play at the Stade de l’Aube.

4:40 p.m. – Kyliane Dong is flagged offside

85ᵉ. Kyliane Dong is flagged offside and allows the opposing team to clear.

16:38 – Diarra Mouhamadou is replaced by Kevin Gameiro at Strasbourg

83ᵉ. Diarra Mouhamadou gives way to Kevin Gameiro.

16:37 – An injured side of ESTAC Troyes

82ᵉ. An ESTAC Troyes player is injured as we play the 82nd minute in this match.

16:37 – Corner for RC Strasbourg

82ᵉ. It is a new corner which is obtained at the moment by RC Strasbourg. And it’s Jean-Ricner Bellegarde who has the opportunity to create danger in the penalty area of ​​ESTAC Troyes and why not take the lead.

16:36 – Corner for RC Strasbourg

81ᵉ. RC Strasbourg created an opportunity to take the lead by immediately obtaining their 4th corner, as we reached the 81st minute in Troyes. It is Jean-Ricner Bellegarde who is about to shoot him to the far left of the field.

16:35 – RC Strasbourg’s shot is stopped!

80ᵉ. RC Strasbourg comes to carry the danger with this new shot, but the opposing goalkeeper manages to capture this ball as we reach the 80th minute of the game.

4:35 p.m. – Rony Lopes frames his shot!

80ᵉ. The Trojans had the opportunity to take the lead! Rony Lopes manages to put this ball in the frame on this attempt, but it does not pass.

16:34 – Rony Lopes misses the target!

79ᵉ. Interesting situation for Rony Lopes but it lacks precision and this strike fails to deceive the vigilance of the opposing goalkeeper.

16:32 – New free kick in favor of ESTAC Troyes

77ᵉ. ESTAC Troyes gets a free kick in this 2nd period, which will be hit in a few moments. The score is still nil in this match Troyes – Strasbourg, but the Strasbourg players seem to be committing more faults having conceded for the moment 15 free kicks against 11 while we are in the 77th minute of play at the Stade de l’Aube.

16:31 – Lucas Perrin is replaced by Gerzino Nyamsi at Strasbourg

76ᵉ. RC Strasbourg make a first change: Gerzino Nyamsi takes the place of Lucas Perrin for the last quarter of an hour of the game.

16:31 – Six meters for ESTAC Troyes

76ᵉ. Clément Turpin, the referee of the meeting, whistles a 6 meters while the score is still 1-1. The defense raises.

16:31 – Shot off target for RC Strasbourg

76ᵉ. Interesting opportunity for RC Strasbourg but the frame escapes and this strike fails to find the fault.