Treasure from Roman Empire found in Utrecht polder: ‘This is Lord of the Rings 2.0’

Treasure from Roman Empire found in Utrecht polder This is

The Roman signet ring has an onyx stone on which the eagle is depicted. Because the piece of jewelry was underground for at least 1,800 years, it turned black – or oxidized. “That also confirms the antiquity,” Erik explains. “You can get it completely clean and shiny again, but that deep, black layer appeals to collectors. If you restore that, the value will plummet.”

He does not reveal the exact location, but that it is near the Limes – the old border of the Roman Empire – is no secret.

Wouter Hinrichs, archaeologist in the province of Utrecht, is also delighted with Erik’s find. “It is nice to see that such a beautiful Roman ring has been so well preserved. This ring is another piece of evidence of the interesting Roman past of our province.”