Trafikverket’s director general: “Not satisfied”

A stressful weather situation combined with a high load on the roads contributed to the last day’s chaos where plow trucks could not arrive, according to the Director General of the Swedish Transport Administration

– It is clear that I am not happy when you get stuck in a queue and have to spend the night in the car. But we got up in early readiness and gathered our contractors as early as Monday evening, he says in SVT’s Aktuellt.


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  • He adds that preparations were made together with SMHI, which communicated both yellow and orange warnings.

    – There needs to be interaction with authorities, but also that individual citizens take responsibility and find out what the conditions look like.

    At the same time, he admits that the night plowing did not work.

    – It has not done that because it has not been sufficient.

    – We could certainly plow even more and have a car out on every hill, but we wouldn’t be able to finance that.

    Hear Roberto Maiorana respond to the criticism after the traffic chaos in the video above.