Traffic lessons were started with “Gendarmerie TOGG” [Video]

Gendarmerie General Command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey started traffic lessons with “Gendarmerie TOGG”.

In the statement made on this subject, “Traffic Lessons Begin with Gendarmerie TOGG. Part 1: Things to Consider at Pedestrian Crossings and Seat Belts. To be continued… Happy Holidays and Safe Travels.” It was said and an interesting video has been shared that you can watch right below, which will attract the attention of children in particular. TOGG’s own statement about the process was as follows: “Our gendarmerie has started a series in which it reminds traffic rules with T10X. “For our driving safety, let’s always obey the traffic rules and warn those who do not.”


Togg, which brings together users with T10X in different cities of Turkey, made many suggestions to users who will go on a holiday trip with an electric vehicle last week. Togg’s suggestions were exactly as follows:

Create routes based on charging points

Planning the route according to charging points before a long journey with electric vehicles provides comfort. If you’re using a T10X, your smart device automatically shows charging points along your route.

Give yourself a break every two hours

The most trouble-free and tiring journey is the one that takes a break every two hours, regardless of the vehicle type. If you charge your car during the breaks you take during your journey, you can reach your holiday route without stopping just for charging.

Pay attention to speed and energy consumption!

The range of not only electric vehicles but also internal combustion vehicles is affected by the driver’s driving style. When determining the next charging point during your journey, try to predict what your average speed will be and how much energy it will consume.

Do not drain the entire charge

A completely empty battery will result in a longer wait at the charging point. The number of fast charging stations in our country is increasing day by day. If you have to wait at your targeted charging point, make sure you have enough charge to reach other stations in the immediate vicinity.

Ask about charging facilities when booking a hotel

Many accommodation facilities now have charging units that provide 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, 11 kW or 22 kW power output. If you choose a facility with this facility when planning your holiday, you can charge your car at night and easily explore the surrounding area during the day.