Tractor protest, Meloni meets farmers: Irpef exemption for incomes up to 10 thousand euros

CdM approves energy decree 13 billion for families

(Finance) – The Prime Minister, Georgie Melonsmet the representatives of the sector agricultural. “I have decided, together with Minister Lollobrigida, to organize this meeting to briefly present to you the priority actions that the government intends to carry out, on various levels, in favor of national agricultural sector”, were the first words of the prime minister. “It’s not the first time we’ve met, we’ve seen each other several times in the past, but I thought it important to see you again today to continue to discuss national and European policies affecting agriculture and agri-food. We’re talking about a sector strategic for our economy – added Meloni – and which we have put at the center of our action”.

Meloni then claimed Italy’s commitment against the European agricultural policies. “In Europe the government has defended farmers and contested from the beginning the wrong choices imposed by Commission European. We have always been in favor of the defense of the environment and the ecological transition, but always clearly and firmly against what has become an ideological transition, made up of diktats and rules resulting from ideological positions and for which production is sacrificed, putting that concept of food sovereignty which remains an indispensable direction of ours is at risk”, he declared.

Meloni then announced that “to make the measure provided for in the legislative decree against unfair practices effective, the Government will strengthen the controls ofLaw enforcement authorities (ICQRF) and will strengthen the structures of ISMEA for the processing and publication on a monthly basis of the prices of agricultural products and the average production costs of the main supply chains”. The Prime Minister then announced a new coordination table for the sector. “In addition to the competent Ministries, representatives of agricultural organizations and agricultural workers’ unions will also be part of it – to address some problems together: labor costs, labor procurement, flow management, training and simplification. Crucial issues for the agricultural sector and on which we do not intend to shirk.”

“L’Irpef exemption in past years it was an unfair measure and favored above all large entrepreneurs and companies with high business volumes. The Government’s proposal is to help farmers who need it by limiting the Irpef exemption to agricultural and Sunday incomes that do not exceed the amount of ten thousand euros. In other words, the Irpef exemption must be an intervention for the weakest that provides concrete support to those who produce and not a privilege”, declared Meloni.

The deputy prime minister also spoke on the point Matteo Salvini. “For me it is a starting point and I am convinced that even more can be done”, declared the minister from Potenza in response to a question on the proposal made by the prime minister.