Toys Made in France: what if we offered responsible gifts?

Toys Made in France what if we offered responsible gifts

Soft toys, board games, creative hobbies… There is a wide choice of French toys at all prices and for all ages. A good reason to favor Made in France.

What if this year you put French toys in the spotlight? Still too little known, they represent a little over 7% of toys sold in France. However, entirely manufactured in France, they are a real guarantee of quality. Every year, many parents choose a toy made in France, on the one hand to support the country’s economy, but also to consume more responsibly. This trend is notably boosted by Made in France trade shows who are enjoying growing success. In addition, the choice of toys Made in France is not lacking and these products are of quality. Board games, wooden toys, creative hobbies… It’s hard not to find what you are looking for! Finally, these toys made in France are not necessarily more expensive than toys made outside the EU. In addition to supporting the French economy and being certain of compliance with safety standards, it is also an opportunity to make children aware of French know-how, from an early age. So no more hesitation, this year, we are offering 100% French toys. Cock-a-doodle Doo !