Toyota became the leader in automobile sales in 2023

Toyota became the leader in automobile sales in 2023

Leader in automobile sales in 2023 Toyota happened. The Japan-based giant has maintained its leadership in the overall total for a long time.

By Bahadır Bektaş Here As reported, it will be the leader in automobile sales in 2023 by far. Toyota happened. The automobile giant is fully engaged around the world. 9,483,137 vehicles sold. Germany-based company ranks second with sales of 5,276,200 units. Volkswagen, USA-based companies ranked third with sales of 4,246,000 units. ford It is located. South Korea-based companies ranked fourth with 3,993,179 units. hyundai while another Japanese giant ranked fifth. honda It is located. Honda’s It seems that it reached sales of 3,854,000 units. In the rest of the list Nissan, Kia, Suzuki and Chinese BYD Names such as (2,885,066 sales) are listed, the giant of the electric side Tesla It ranks 15th with 1,808,581 units. Continuing to be the world’s best-selling automobile company Toyotais also on the agenda today with the announcement of a diesel engine had taken place. As you know, Volvo ended its production of diesel-powered cars last week. The Toyota side, on the other hand, thinks that diesel engine vehicles will not die immediately.


On this subject, Toyota Australia Sales and Marketing officer Sean Hanley said: “Diesel engines are not dead despite popular opinion. “Diesel engines have a longer life ahead of them, so they won’t die anytime soon.” said. Stating that they want to keep diesel engines on the table, especially for SUVs and large commercial vehicles, Hanley diesel fuel: “A very reliable fuel source” He also conveyed what he saw as

These statements are not actually an extreme surprise because the company is still developing internal combustion engines. The giant manufacturer is developing new internal combustion engines because He does not believe that the electric future will be the only solution. The old one who made a statement on this subject Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda,The need for electric vehicles is greatly exaggerated.” he says and adds: ““The path to carbon neutrality fundamentally depends on the energy production status of countries.” If Toyoda was before this “Electric vehicles will only reach 30 percent market share.” He made a splash when he said: famous manager does not accept a future in which only electric vehicles exist in the automobile industry And He argues that internal combustion models must survive.