Toyota appears to have partnered with Huawei and Momenta

Toyota appears to have partnered with Huawei and Momenta

Continuing to be the world’s best-selling automobile company Toyota, for global models Huawei And Momenta partnership with looks like it’s set up.

According to the allegations made today, the models that will be released to global markets by Toyota in the coming period are the Chinese technology giant’s Huawei And Momenta can use driving assistance solutions developed in partnership with. The company, which wants to make the smart driving systems of its vehicles more powerful, is reportedly planning to purchase the hardware specifically from Huawei, and it is said that Momenta will be activated by the software. It is said to undertake the interface and user experience side itself. Toyota, Thanks to this tripartite partnership, it can offer drivers more advanced autonomous, or driverless, driving systems. It is reported that more information and official announcement on this subject will be given today within the scope of the Beijing Auto Show. Toyotahad previously made a splash on the agenda with its diesel engine announcement. As you know, Volvo ended its production of diesel-powered cars in the past weeks. The Toyota side, on the other hand, thinks that diesel engine vehicles will not die immediately. On this subject, Toyota Australia Sales and Marketing officer Sean Hanley said: “Diesel engines are not dead despite popular opinion. “Diesel engines have a longer life ahead of them, so they won’t die anytime soon.” he said. Stating that they want to keep diesel engines on the table, especially for SUVs and large commercial vehicles, Hanley diesel fuel: “A very reliable fuel source” He also conveyed what he saw as


These statements are not actually an extreme surprise because the company is still developing internal combustion engines. The giant manufacturer is developing new internal combustion engines because He does not believe that the electric future will be the only solution. The old one who made a statement on this subject Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda,The need for electric vehicles is greatly exaggerated.” he says and adds: ““The path to carbon neutrality fundamentally depends on the energy production status of countries.” If Toyoda was before this “Electric vehicles will only reach 30 percent market share.” He made a splash when he said: famous manager does not accept a future in which only electric vehicles exist in the automobile industry And He argues that internal combustion models must survive.