Toyota and Suzuki may be jointly developing a mini “bZ” SUV

Toyota and Suzuki may be jointly developing a mini bZ

Toyota And suzuki may be developing a joint mini “bZ” SUV. The allegations indicate that two companies came together.

As part of a promotion held last year, among many different concept vehicles, “Toyota bZ Small Crossover ConceptThere was also a tool called “. This is the mini electric SUV concept you see directly above, according to a new claim made today. Toyota And suzuki can come to life in partnership. Although it is not 100 percent certain yet, after joint design and production studies, 2025 The vehicle, which is thought to arrive in 2019, will be available in markets where small cars reach high sales figures (certain parts of Europe and Japan) can attract a lot of attention. By the way, in case you missed it, the small city vehicle Suzuki Swift A new generation model is coming for Japan Mobility Show 2023 As far as shown in the scope, the new vehicle carries the line of the concept you can see here. The vehicle is exhibited with a concept that is very close to production. As you can see, it maintains its general body form and draws attention with its more rounded structure. The exhibited concept of the model, whose mass production version is reported to come in 2024, has a dual-color body, is equipped with a smaller honeycomb grille and reveals a modern line with LED headlights. Suzuki says the new Swift was developed with a focus on bringing fun to drivers’ daily lives.