towards an escalation of the conflict? Putin threatens Europe

towards an escalation of the conflict Putin threatens Europe

WAR IN UKRAINE. In a speech delivered on television on Wednesday, Vladimir Putin announced the deployment of tens of thousands of additional soldiers in Ukraine and threatened the West with nuclear weapons. Could the war be taking a new turn?

The essential

  • This Wednesday, September 21, 2022, Vladimir Putin made a speech on Russian television to announce a reinforcement of the military means deployed in Ukraine.
  • The Russian president has decreed a “partial mobilization” which mainly concerns reservists, i.e. 300,000 people.
  • Moreover, the boss of the Kremlin has hardened his tone against the West, brandishing the nuclear threat.
  • World powers have already reacted to denounce Russia’s attitude, such as France and the United Kingdom.
  • Follow the latest news on the war in Ukraine live.


11:38 – “It’s not a bluff”: Putin brandishes the nuclear threat

In his speech, Vladimir Putin warned the West against the threats made to him, denouncing the “statements of certain high-ranking representatives of the main member states of NATO on the possibility of using nuclear weapons of destruction mass action against Russia.” The President of the Russian Federation replied that “our country also has various means of destruction, and for separate components and more modern than those of NATO countries. And if the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people.” “It’s not a bluff,” he warned.

11:28 – 300,000 Russian soldiers sent as reinforcements to Ukraine

During his speech, Vladimir Putin announced that he had decreed a “partial mobilization” of the population, namely a mobilization of certain people with a view to going to reinforce the troops already present in Ukraine. It concerns reservists, citizens “who have already served” but also those “who have relevant experience.” This represents 300,000 people, who can be mobilized from this Wednesday. However, it should not be men sent directly to the front but reinforcements in charge of “consolidating” and “controlling” the rear lines, 1000km long.

11:18 – “The objective of the West is to destroy our country” says Vladimir Putin

To justify the deployment of additional soldiers as well as his threat of a nuclear expectation, Vladimir Poutine affirmed that “the objective of the West is to destroy our country”, adding moreover that “the West exceeded all the limits in its aggressive policy. Remember that since the start of the war in Ukraine, Russia has been the target of numerous sanctions from the main world powers, particularly financial ones.

11:15 – Russia ready to use “all its means to protect itself”

Vladimir Putin addressed the Russian population this Wednesday, September 21, 2022, in the morning. The Head of State said that the country was ready to “use all its means to protect itself” against the West, announcing a massive deployment of men to the front and brandishing the nuclear threat.

Seven months after the start of the war in Ukraine, and as the conflict gets bogged down, Vladimir Putin is putting pressure on the neighboring country and its allies. During a speech this Wednesday, September 21, 2022, the Russian president got angry with a West which, in his eyes, wants to “destroy our country” and which “has exceeded all the limits of its aggressive policy.” In his words, “we offered peaceful solutions, but the West rejected them.” Thus, Vladimir Putin announced an increase in the means deployed in Ukraine to carry out his “special military operation” whose “main objectives remain unchanged.” A “partial mobilization” was thus decreed by the Russian head of state, corresponding to a call to commit for all citizens registered on the lists of reserves but also “those who have military experience.” Vladimir Putin wants to swell his ranks, a “decision commensurate with the threat we face, to ensure the security of our population, for territorial integrity.” 300,000 people are affected. The call begins on Wednesday. Before leaving for the front, training will be carried out, it has been announced.

Vladimir Putin threatens nuclear response

Beyond human resources, Vladimir Putin once again brandished the nuclear threat, believing that he was the target of “nuclear blackmail”. The Russian president “made a point of recalling that the Russian Federation is also equipped with a number of sufficiently heavy weapons.” Before continuing: “if ever its national interests of Russia are threatened, we will undoubtedly use all the weapons which are at our disposal.” The leader thus wanted to warn his opponents: “those who blackmail with nuclear weapons must know that this blackmail can turn against them.”

“Referendums” in Ukraine with annexations by Russia?

A threat that marks a real turning point in the war in Ukraine, especially since referendums will be organized on September 23 and 27, 2022 in four Ukrainian regions to determine whether or not the local population wishes to be annexed by Russia. A similar process was used in 2014 in Crimea, where more than 97% of voters were in favor of joining Russia.

Faced with the displacement of populations and the majority remaining on the spot only Russian speakers, the result is not in doubt. Vladimir Putin will then seek to take control of these territories, as in Crimea. “Russia cannot abandon people close to it to be torn apart by executioners and not respond to their desire to determine their own destiny,” said the Russian president.

Why is Vladimir Putin strengthening his army in Ukraine?

If Vladimir Putin made such announcements, almost seven months to the day after the start of his offensive in Ukraine, it is because the “special military operation” he launched is slipping. The Ukrainians indeed manage to launch counter-offensives in several regions of the country, in particular on the side of Kharkiv, in the north, from where the Russian army is withdrawing, but also on the side of Kherson and Lugansk, through, in particular , bombings.

Also, the announcement of the mobilization of reservists is not insignificant. Indeed, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, this represents 300,000 people. What to compensate for the human losses since the beginning of the conflict? Very likely. If this same ministry says that it has lost only 5,937 men since the start of the conflict, the reinforcements announced should make it possible to replenish the decimated ranks, but also to strengthen them, even if Russia has always remained opaque on the number of soldiers deployed.

In addition, the supply of its troops in material seems to know some difficulties. The Head of State asked manufacturers to “accelerate production capacities” in order to “deliver the necessary armaments” to the army “as quickly as possible.” Brandishing the nuclear threat could thus aim to slow down the Ukrainian response while new ammunition is delivered.