Towards a post-pandemic liposuction and tummy tuck boom

Towards a post pandemic liposuction and tummy tuck boom

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  • Posted on 05/11/2021

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    Stopped for several weeks in 2020 due to the Covid, plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures are experiencing growing interest in the world, and could even explode in 2021. In the United States, many women are considering doing so. have recourse, in particular to erase some of the misdeeds of a long period of confinement and social distancing.

    As we know, plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures have been steadily increasing for several years. An increase halted by the Covid-19 pandemic, whose successive confinements and social distancing measures have set back most interventions. However, this halt should only be momentary as certain procedures are arousing real interest as the pandemic declines across the world.

    As every year, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the largest plastic surgery organization in the world with nearly 8,000 members, has published data on plastic surgery in the United States for the year 2020, accompanied by a national study carried out by Equation Research among more than 1,000 women to determine which procedures will be the most requested in 2021. It is first of all interesting to note that plastic surgeons certified by the ASPS reported having stopped elective surgeries for 8.1 weeks on average in 2020, due to a pandemic, or 15% of the year.

    Liposuction in response to containment damage

    The survey found that 11% of women surveyed during the pandemic said they were more interested in plastic surgery and non-surgical procedures than before Covid-19. A figure that even climbs to 24% for those who have already used it. More than a third of respondents who have had cosmetic surgery or a minimally invasive procedure (35%) plan to spend more on treatments in 2021 than in the previous year.

    While videoconferencing initially led to a boom in demand for facial procedures, the situation seems to have changed dramatically for those who plan to take action within six months. Abdominoplasties (22%) and liposuction (17%) now appear to be the most popular procedures. A consequence that the ASPS attributes to more frequent weight fluctuations during the quarantine period.

    Rush for buttock implants

    If we look at the statistics on plastic surgery in the USA presented by the ASPS, we see that with a few exceptions, all cosmetic surgical procedures and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are in decline for the year 2020, even the most popular such as botulinum toxin injections with more than 4.4 million procedures (down 13% in 2020).

    However, cosmetic surgery seems to have done well – and not just a little, buttock implants. True underlying trend, inspired by Kim Kardashians or other Kylie Jenner, or response to weeks spent teleworking on a sofa, buttock implants jumped 22% in 2020. A figure to be put into perspective since it only concerns 1,179 procedures, but which testifies to a real craze for perfectly curved hindquarters.

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