Tourist killed by elephant during safari: “She was loved by everyone”

On Easter Eve, 79-year-old American tourist Gail Mattson, along with five other tourists, was on safari in Zambia in Kafue National Park. Then suddenly an elephant attacked the vehicle. Four suffered minor injuries, one woman was taken to hospital and Gail Mattson died. – It is a tragic event and we express our deepest condolences to the family and to the woman who died, says Wilderness CEO Keith Vincent. A helicopter was sent to the scene and authorities are now investigating the incident. – She was loved by everyone and was always in the center. She would be the first to understand that this could happen. Everyone wants to blame the elephant and the driver but no, it was a freak accident, her son Blake Vetter told CNN. Zambia is an attractive tourist destination for safari tourists, as there are many national parks in the country. “Thought they would die” But it is not the first elephant attack this year. In Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa, at the end of March, an elephant charged at a 22-seater tourist vehicle and tried to overturn the car with its trunk. Eyewitness Hendry Blom, who was standing some distance away, saw the dramatic event. “We were definitely scared, especially for the people in the truck because we thought they might die,” he told ABC News.