Toulouse – OM: Marseille overthrows the Violets and regains its 2nd place, the match live

Toulouse OM Marseille overthrows the Violets and regains its

OM won at the end of the 24th day of Ligue 1 on the lawn of Toulouse after a meeting of very high quality (3-2). The Marseillais regain their 2nd place at AS Monaco.

22:55 – The summary of the match

Olympique de Marseille overthrew Toulouse on the occasion of the 24th day of Ligue 1 (3-1) and regained 2nd place. The Olympians were eaten at the start of the game. And the punishment came very quickly. Dallinga cuts the trajectory of a very good cross from Desler at the near post and deceives Pau Lopez (3rd). After this goal, the Marseillais will react timidly by putting Dupé to contribution. Jonathan Clauss took the lead but Maxime Dupé made a first save (10th) before doing the same against Tavares a minute later. The festival of opportunities is not over in these first minutes since Téfécé is close to breaking but Pau Lopez pulls out a high-class double save to leave the Olympians in the game. Back from the locker room, OM are much more enterprising and it will pay off. After a billiard shot in the surface of Téfécé, Chancel Mbemba, who was trying a lot, managed to deceive Dupé (52nd). Marseille are taking advantage of this momentum to continue to put pressure on their opponents. Cengiz Ünder volleys a poorly repelled ball and capsizes the Olympian kop (59th). After a few minutes of suffering well managed by the Olympian defense, it was Nuno Tavares who took OM to safety with an individual feat (79′). And while the Marseillais seemed to be heading for a rather quiet success, Ado Onaiwu will give hope to Toulouse. The Japanese takes an exceptional volley a cross from the left (87th). A goal that will remain anecdotal because the Marseille defense will withstand the shock. Marseille goes back to 2nd place at the end of this meeting.

22:42 – OM regain their 2nd place and wait for Paris

Thanks to this success on the occasion of this Toulouse – OM, the Marseillais regain 2nd place at AS Monaco a week before the huge clash at the Vélodrome stadium between Marseille and Paris in a Classic that promises to be exceptional.

22:37 – The Toulouse – OM match is over (2-3)

After this confrontation, ball possession was slightly in favor of Olympique Marseille (56%-44%), which made the difference on the scoreboard (2-3). However, the two teams created as many opportunities in front of goal with 6 shots on target each.

22:34 – Alexis Sanchez gets a foul that blows OM

OM, who were cornered, must be relieved to see Alexis Sanchez get a good foul against Desler. It still holds for the Marseillais in this end of Toulouse – OM.

22:32 – 5 more minutes

He will remain five minutes to play in this Toulouse – OM which is still very undecided since the goal of hope scored by Onaiwu a few minutes ago.

22:29 – What a goal from Onaiwu!

Ado Onaiwu gives a lot of hope to the Stadium in this end of Toulouse – OM on an exceptional recovery which crucifies Pau Lopez.

22:28 – Ado Onaiwu reduces the gap at Toulouse Stadium (2-3)!

Ado Onaiwu scores and reduces the gap in the 87th minute of play in this 2nd period! Toulouse FC goes back to 2 to 3 at the Stadium of Toulouse.

22:25 – A double change for Toulouse but also for OM

Philippe Montanier made two new changes 10 short minutes from the end of this Toulouse – OM with the exits of Van den Boomen and Aboukhlal who were replaced by Genreau and Onaiwu. On the side of OM Kaboré replaces Clauss and Bailly replaces Kolasinac.

22:24 – Tavares close to the double

On a long one-two between Tavares and Sanchez, the second finds the first who takes his chance to volley but his shot goes over Dupé’s cages.

22:21 – What an achievement by Tavares!

Nuno Tavares outflanked Desler before hitting and cheating on Maxime Dupé after his shot was deflected. The Portuguese side is rewarded with his big second period.

22:20 – Nuno Tavares scores a new goal for Olympique Marseille (1-3)!

Olympique Marseille takes the lead in this match against Toulouse FC, thanks to a goal signed Nuno Tavares in the 78th minute of play in this 2nd half. 1 to 3 at the Toulouse Stadium!

22:17 – Card for Kolasinac

Sead Kolasinac misses his control and is forced to commit the fault which earns him a rather logical yellow card.

22:16 – The Olympian defense holds

For several minutes the Toulousans have been attacking and endangering the OM defense which is holding the shock for the moment in this Toulouse – OM.

22:13 – Guendouzi enters

New change in this Toulouse – OM with the entry of Guendouzi in place of Ünder for the last 20 minutes.

22:10 – Rouault is alone but misses the target

What a failure for Rouault! The Toulouse defender is alone at the penalty spot after an excellent center back but misses the target after missing his gesture. What an opportunity to pick up for Toulouse against OM.

22:08 – Montanier reacts

Following the two Olympian goals in quick succession in this Toulouse – OM, Philippe Montanier reacted and brought in Chaibi in place of Dejaegere for the last 25 minutes of the game.

22:04 – Balerdi is well placed

Desler is still served on his wing and crosses to the near post but this time Dallinga cannot resume because Balerdi is very well placed.

22:02 – The brilliant cover of Ünder

On a poorly repelled corner, Cengiz Ünder volleys and deceives Dupé. At first, Sanchez is signaled offside but the VAR intervenes and validates the Olympian goal. The Marseillais completely reverse the situation in this Toulouse – OM.

22:01 – Another goal at the Toulouse Stadium for Olympique Marseille (1-2)!

Goal for Olympique Marseille, signed Cengiz Under in the 59th minute of play in this 2nd period! The shock is relaunched for the Marseillais who regain the advantage over Toulouse FC at the Stadium of Toulouse.

22:01 – VAR awards the goal!

60ᵉ. After appealing to the VAR, Stephanie Frappart makes her final decision: and he confirms this goal in favor of Olympique Marseille!

22:01 – Will Stephanie Frappart cancel the goal of Olympique Marseille?

59ᵉ. Are we heading towards a goal or not? Stephanie Frappart has doubts about the last action and appeals to the VAR.

21:55 – Ünder takes a yellow

Cengiz Ünder is logically warned after a gross foul on Aboukhlal who went against.

21:55 – Mbemba is rewarded

Chancel Mbemba scored in this Toulouse – OM and it is rather deserved as he tried his luck in this meeting. The Congolese defender made five shots when scoring.

9:53 p.m. – Chancel Mbemba resets the counters for Olympique Marseille (1-1)!

Equalization in the 52nd minute of play at the Stadium of Toulouse! Chancel Mbemba puts his team back in the game in this 2nd half against Toulouse FC. We are at 1 everywhere in this duel!

21:52 – Duped is vigilant

Maxime Dupé covers his first post well after a vicious shot from Chancel Mbemba from a very tight angle.