Toulouse – AC Ajaccio: defeat for AC Ajaccio, review of the highlights of the match

Toulouse AC Ajaccio defeat for AC Ajaccio review of

TFC-ACA. The Toulousains finish with two lengths in advance this match, against AC Ajaccio. Final result: 2 goals to 0. Here are the highlights of the duel.

16:54 – End of the match at the Toulouse Stadium (2-0)!

An indisputable superiority in terms of ball possession (63% against 37%), a total of shots on target in his favor (4 shots on target against 0), and of course the advantage on the scoreboard (2-0): Toulouse FC managed this meeting well (2-0). AC Ajaccio will have to deliver another performance during its next meetings.

16:53 – The referee whistles a free kick against Toulouse FC

90ᵉ. AC Ajaccio benefits from a free kick in the opposing half which could allow them to have a serious chance and reduce the gap in this 2nd half. An opportunity that comes as we are in the last quarter of an hour of this confrontation.

16:53 – Yellow card for Thijs Dallinga (Toulouse FC)

90ᵉ. The referee, Pierre Gaillouste, shows a yellow card to Thijs Dallinga, the Toulouse FC player.

16:51 – Another free kick for Toulouse FC

90ᵉ. Toulouse FC wins a free kick in this 2nd half, which will be taken in a few seconds. We are perfectly equal on set pieces with 15 free kicks everywhere between Toulouse FC and AC Ajaccio in the 90th minute of play at the Stadium de Toulouse.

16:49 – Riad Nouri is replaced by Mickael Alphonse at Ajacciens

90ᵉ. Riad Nouri gives way to Mickael Alphonse in the 90th minute of play in this game.

16:47 – Corner in favor of Toulouse FC

89ᵉ. Toulouse FC are creating an interesting opportunity to increase their lead by immediately obtaining a new corner, which will be taken on the right side of the field in a few moments by Branco Van den Boomen.

16:44 – AC Ajaccio’s shot is stopped!

86ᵉ. AC Ajaccio’s attempt narrowly fails as we reach the 86th minute of the match.

16:44 – Issiaga Sylla frames his shot!

86ᵉ. Issiaga Sylla thinks he has found the opening but this strike which nevertheless took the path of the frame does not hit the mark.

16:41 – Moussa Diarra is replaced by Christian Mawissa Elebi at Toulouse

83ᵉ. New change for Toulouse FC: Moussa Diarra is called back on the sidelines while Christian Mawissa Elebi enters the game in the 83rd minute of play.

16:39 – Corner in favor of Toulouse FC

80ᵉ. Toulouse FC won their 4th corner in this meeting, which was taken by Branco Van den Boomen, on the right side of the field. The opportunity to worsen the score (2-0) as we reach the 80th minute in Toulouse?

16:38 – Rafael Ratao is replaced by Veljko Birmancevic at Toulouse

79ᵉ. Pierre Gaillouste signals a substitution for Toulouse FC: Rafael Ratao leaves the playing area while Veljko Birmancevic enters the game in the 79th minute of play.

16:37 – AC Ajaccio may regret this fault!

78ᵉ. It’s one more chance to make the situation worse for Toulouse FC! Pierre Gaillouste whistles a free kick close to the surface. The opportunity for Toulouse to take shelter in the last 15 minutes of play, while the score is 2-0 in this 2nd period.

16:37 – Yellow card for Bevic Moussiti-Oko (AC Ajaccio)

78ᵉ. Game director Pierre Gaillouste shows AC Ajaccio player Bevic Moussiti-Oko a yellow card.

16:35 – Six meters for AC Ajaccio

77ᵉ. Pierre Gaillouste, the referee of the meeting, signals a 6 meters while the scoreboard still shows 2-0. The keeper raises.

16:35 – Branco Van den Boomen does not fit!

77ᵉ. Interesting opportunity for Branco Van den Boomen but it is not on target and this shot fails to deceive the vigilance of the opposing goalkeeper.

16:35 – Corner for Toulouse FC

76ᵉ. Toulouse FC get an interesting opportunity to make the break by obtaining their third corner, which will be taken from the left corner of the field in a few moments by Branco Van den Boomen.

16:34 – The decisive goalkeeper on this attempt by AC Ajaccio

76ᵉ. AC Ajaccio’s attempt is narrowly missed as we reach the 76th minute of the game.

16:34 – It’s on target for Zakaria Aboukhlal!

76ᵉ. Zakaria Aboukhlal thinks to find the opening but this strike which nevertheless took the path of the frame does not find the nets.

16:31 – Youcef Belaili is replaced by Cyrille Bayala at Ajacciens

72ᵉ. Cyrille Bayala replaces Youcef Belaili in the 72nd minute of play.

16:30 – Yoann Touzghar is replaced by Bevic Moussiti-Oko at Ajacciens

72ᵉ. The referee agrees to a change for AC Ajaccio: Yoann Touzghar is recalled to the bench and Bevic Moussiti-Oko makes his appearance.

16:29 – Free kick in favor of Toulouse FC

71ᵉ. A new free kick for Toulouse FC, the 10th since kick-off, is signaled by Pierre Gaillouste in the half of the field of AC Ajaccio, while we are playing the 71st minute of play in this Toulouse-AC Ajaccio. The perfect time to take care of your stats in this 2nd period.

16:29 – Ado Onaiwu is replaced by Thijs Dallinga at Toulouse

70ᵉ. New change for Toulouse FC: Ado Onaiwu is recalled to the bench as Thijs Dallinga enters the field.

16:29 – Brecht Dejaegere is replaced by Zakaria Aboukhlal at Toulouse

70ᵉ. Pierre Gaillouste agrees to a change for Toulouse FC: Zakaria Aboukhlal replaces Brecht Dejaegere.

16:28 – Fares Chaibi is flagged offside

69ᵉ. Fares Chaibi falls into the offside trap. Pierre Gaillouste put an end to this Toulouse FC offensive.

16:28 – Opportunity for Toulouse FC! !

69ᵉ. It’s heating up at the Toulouse Stadium! Toulouse FC gets a unique opportunity to improve the score.