TOTW 1 is here now, bringing 5 heavy top cards straight away

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The TOTW 1 for FIFA 23 is officially known, although the game hasn’t even been released yet. We show you which players are in the Team of the Week.

What is TOTW? Team of the Week features enhanced special cards for players who have excelled in real-world football. On the one hand, these cards get stronger values, but they are also worth more on the transfer market.

When will TOTW 1 be released? The TOTW 1 was released on Wednesday September 21, 2022.

How do you get there now? If you look at the calendar, you will see that the FIFA 23 release is not until next week. Nevertheless, the TOTW 1 has already been released.

The only way to get your hands on the tickets right now is through the FIFA 23 web app, which is also releasing today. There you will only be able to resort to trading to get the necessary coins for TOTW cards.

After all, you can’t play yet, so you can’t get any rewards from Division Rivals & Co. either. Early access to FIFA 23 will also not start until next Tuesday.

You can also draw special cards from packs. But the chances of that happening are very slim.

FIFA 23: This is the Team of the Week 1

The complete TOTW 1 in FIFA 23

Who’s in? The complete TOTW 1 in FIFA 23 can be found here in the overview:

  • TW: Ledesma (83)
  • RV: Hamari Traoré (85 / Featured)
  • IV: Saliba (83)
  • RAV: Pablo Maffeo (82)
  • CM: Kevin de Bruyne (92)
  • ZOM: Savannah (84)
  • RM: Hofmann (84)
  • CDM: Palhinha (84)
  • LM: Son (90)
  • ST: Real Estate (87)
  • RF: Valverde (86)
  • Bank:

  • TW: Gikiewicz (81)
  • LV: Mario Rui (82)
  • IV: Domingos Duarte (81)
  • ZOOM: Kamada (83)
  • ZDM: Le Fée (81)
  • Extended Version: Gakpo (85)
  • ST: Deulofeu (83)
  • LV: Mladenovic (77)
  • LM: Diamond (75)
  • ST: Djitté (78)
  • ST: Hogan (77)
  • Extended Version: Aitor (80)
  • The most exciting cards in TOTW 1 of FIFA 23

    These are the top cards: Of course, the top cards with high ratings are immediately noticeable.

    The 5 top cards in TOTW 1
  • Traoré as a feature player looks like a great right-back with his combo of pace, defense and physique.
  • Kevin de Bruyne has everything for a strong midfield center anyway.
  • Son is a typical meta card and would have been extremely valuable even as a gold card.
  • Ciro Immobile has a deadly finish but is often misjudged in FIFA for being too slow in pace. But that shouldn’t matter so much, especially at the start.
  • Valverde is actually an extremely popular ZM player. Now there is a strong card on the wing right at the start.
  • Also exciting: There are also a few lower rated cards, but they look pretty interesting to start with.

    The two look very strong for the start
  • Deulofeu has an extremely high pace and strong dribbling. He would be a strong option to start.
  • Saliba also has a low overall rating, but all the stats you’d want from a strong central defender.
  • In addition, the rest of the TOTW cards don’t look too bad either. Just as FIFA 23 is just getting started, they haven’t been eclipsed by more intense special cards.

    However, it will be difficult to get hold of them. And: They are only included in the game until Wednesday next week.

    What do you think of the new TOTW? Can you already do something with it? Tell us in the comments! In addition to the TOTW, more new content was announced: Ted Lasso lands in FIFA 23.