Top Movies on Disney Plus – January 2023

Disney+ continues to bring more content to the platform, day by day, to match Netflix. Moreover, the user base is also increasing. Would you like to know the most watched movies of Disney Plus this month, which promises quality TV series and movies? Here are the most watched movies on Disney Plus this month…


A human mind in an alien body, Jake Sully’s Avatar finds himself in a desperate struggle between two worlds, where he and the indigenous people struggle to survive.

Strange World

Members of the Clades family are explorers on a quest to discover a new world. As the family members embark on a spectacular journey into the heart of an uncharted and threatening land inhabited by fantastical creatures, their differences put their important mission at risk.

Avatar: The Deep Dive – A Special Edition of 20/20

This documentary is an inside look at one of the most anticipated sequels ever, Avatar: The Way of the Water, with James Cameron and the cast.

Encanto: The Magical World

Encanto tells the story of a family with special powers who live in a magic house in the mountains of Colombia. Except for one person in the Madrigal family, who lives in the magic place called Encanto, each child is blessed with a unique magic gift. Only Mirabel has no magical powers. But danger is the magic surrounding Encanto, and when the family’s home is threatened, Mirabel is their only hope.


Moana is the brave daughter of the chief of a tribe living in Ancient Polynesia. Strong and fearless, Moana grew up in nature and is a cheerful girl. However, a terrible curse by the demigod Maui reaches his island. Maui had stolen the heart of the goddess Te Whiti and angered her, and now the fishermen were unable to catch fish and withered before the crops could grow. However, Moana is determined not to give in to this situation. Set out from the South Pacific, the young girl’s goal is to find the demigod in order to end the curse and have her return what she stole.

The Menu

The Menu tells the story of a young couple who go to a private restaurant on a remote island. Margot and Tyler travel to an island to dine at an exclusive restaurant, whose menu is prepared by a famous chef. Many people with different characters accompany them at the meal. Famous chef Slowik has prepared a tasting menu with different dishes for his guests. But on the night of unexpected dishes, the tension rises as each table reveals its own secrets.


Red focuses on the life of thirteen-year-old Mei Lee, who is trapped under the problems of puberty. Mei Lee is a 13-year-old girl caught between her mother’s expectations and the turmoil of puberty. Ming, who is as protective as she is oppressive, does not want her daughter to leave her side. However, this situation is quite unfortunate for Mei Lee. Dealing with changes in both her relationships and her body, Mei transforms into a giant panda when she gets excited.


The kingdom is condemned to an eternal winter after the curse of the Snow Queen. The adventurer and kindhearted Anna living in this kingdom decides to bring the people of her city back to their good old days by finding the Snow Queen and helping her to end the curse. Anna’s companion, who embarked on a fairy-tale journey, is Kristoff, a master mountaineer. To be successful, they must be able to see and know the Snow Queen. This seemingly simple plan becomes more difficult as the journey through the secluded mountain progresses. A different danger arises at every turn of the journey, which is accompanied by mythological creatures and frightening spells. The hardest part of the journey is the fact that they are racing against time.


Coco tells the story of 12-year-old Miguel’s adventure in the land of the dead. 12-year-old Miguel’s biggest hero is legendary Mexican guitarist Ernesto de la Cruz. However, Cruz has passed away and Miguel has no opportunity to meet him. Miguel, who listens to his songs every day, finds the guitar of the famous musician one day. However, playing the guitar takes him to the Realm of the Dead. Searching for a way out, Miguel encounters the rogue Hector and together they embark on an extraordinary journey to discover the true story behind Miguel’s family history…


Zootopia is a very big city where animals live together. Judy Hopps, a bunny living in this city, has just signed up for the police. The fox named Nick aims to turn the corner by doing small frauds. One day, Nick is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Nick must make an unexpected collaboration to clear his name and Judy to solve the case.