Top 10 most intense pain

Top 10 most intense pain

Burning, unbearable, intolerable … these are the worst pains you can feel. Ouch!

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McGill University (Canada) has established a scale of pains by cross-checking questionnaires submitted to patients. Here is the classification of the most intense pains; they are classified here from the most tolerable to the most unbearable.

10. Trigeminal neuralgia

This disease also called “painful tic” is characterized by sudden and unexpected attacks of intense pain on half of the face between the eyelid and the upper lip which cause involuntary contractions. This is often due to a compression of part of the trigeminal nerve which starts from the back of the skull to innervate the face.

9. Migraine

Migraine attacks are due to inflammation dura mater blood vessels caused by malfunction of the central nervous system. This inherited disease is characterized by severe pain in half of the skull, vomiting, hypersensitivity to the light

8. Renal colic

Obstruction of a urinary excretion duct by a kidney stone causes swelling of the kidney and very intense and sudden unilateral pain that starts in the lower back and radiates towards theelder. No position is relieving, which makes people say in medical school:colic nephretic, frantic patient ”.

7. Fibromyalgia

This disease causes diffuse pain in both joints and muscles. Since no lesions or inflammation are detectable, doctors have taken a long time to recognize the reality of the fibromyalgia yet very incapacitating. Its causes are still poorly understood.

6. Rheumatoid arthritis

the immune system of the patient attacks the membrane of joints which, in response, inflates and manufactures enzymes inflammatory causing severe pain which is further revived by contact (that of a piece of clothing is enough …). Continuous inflammation ends up damaging tendons,cartilages and bones …

5. Crohn’s disease

This inflammation, probably autoimmune, of the digestive tract causes acute pain attacks similar to a appendicitis which could not be processed. The causes seem to be genetics and environmental.

4. Amputation of a finger

The finger being the most richly innervated part of the body, its amputation without anesthesia causes very severe pain. Especially since the victim often then suffers from so-called “phantom limb” pain.

3. Childbirth

a first childbirth is often described as an experience not only painful, but also very long (sometimes more than six hours) with pain due to the sudden contractions of the uterine muscle and then the extension of the uterine muscle. perineum when the baby’s head passes.

2. Stitch Paraponera

This ant living in the Amazon delivers by its stinger a neurotoxic venom extremely painful. A intense burning sensation radiates throughout the affected limb and causes involuntary contractions of the muscles for several hours.

1. Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

This syndrome most often occurs after an injury (fracture, benign operation) which damages a nerve and would cause it to malfunction. The patient then feels stinging pains with hypersensitivity, edema… A seizure can last for several months and there is no treatment forCRPS

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