Tonight’s news, February 8

Tonights news February 8

Priest exposed himself to children – sentenced

During the summer of 2022, a priest allegedly exposed himself on a balcony in Västra Götaland and began to masturbate in front of five children. At the same time as he masturbated, he is said to have shone himself with a flashlight. During the days the priest was judged.

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Tiktok is suing the EU

Just like Meta, Tiktok has sued the EU, as they don’t like the EU’s fee model that larger platforms have to follow.

“We disagree with the fee and are appealing it on a number of grounds, including a flawed way of calculating how many users we have per month,” a Tiktok spokesperson said in a statement.

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Shot at an apartment door – gets a prison sentence

Two men were recently sentenced by the Norrköping district court for having fired shots at an apartment door in Hageby last September. The men are sentenced to nine and ten years in prison, respectively.

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