Tommy’s harsh words to Nazuk: “The worst thing you delivered”

Leksand extended the winning streak beat AIK

Nazuk Turdieva is one of the participants in Sweden’s master chef who has impressed the most so far. She has been praised by the jury time and time again, but in the latest program she completely loses her confidence during the first challenge.

The amateur chefs will cook Indian food and make their own spice mix. Which stresses Nazuk.

– It smells like Christmas, doesn’t this make mulled wine? You feel stressed. I don’t recognize you, Tommy Myllymäki says to Nazuk when he walks by while she is cooking.

Nazuk is stressed and agrees. She does not feel safe with the Indian flavors:

– It shouldn’t smell so much like Christmas.

Time for tasting

When it’s time for tasting, her curry doesn’t get the accolades we’re used to hearing about her food. Tommy Myllymäki repeats that he does not recognize her food. The chicken is dry and the balance of flavors is not there.

– I have eaten so much good food from you. This is the worst you have delivered in the competition, he says.

In the player above you can see if there will be elimination for Nazuk.