Tom Sjöstedt assesses the GVFÖ carbonara: “Foreplay for the eyes”

Tom Sjostedt assesses the GVFO carbonara Foreplay for the eyes

Arvid Stark can leave “Sweden’s master chef VIP” this week. But before that, he has time for one thing or another – namely to cook his famous carbonara. Many probably recognize him from “Married at First Sight”, where he married Ida Stark.

No one has probably missed it the clip where the newlyweds ate carbonara in full sensual spirit, which went completely viral.

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Arvid Stark married Ida in “Married at first sight” season 9. Image source: TV4/SVT/Skrämavbild

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Has Tom Sjöstedt eaten a really passionate carbonara?

The challenge in today’s episode of “Sweden’s master chef VIP”? To cook a dish reminiscent of something from the participants’ careers. Of course, Arvid Stark chooses to cook his famous GVFÖ carbonara. Arvid and Ida were shocked that their carbonara evening became so viral, they became the Carbonara couple with the entire Swedish people.

– The big breakthrough and with the carbonara when it got its rightful place, it was through the program “Married at First Sight” where I also got to meet my amazing wife. Carbonara is a fairly simple dish, so here it is that I set all the elements, says Arvid in the cooking program.

– Is this what’s happening now?, asks the jury member Tom Sjöstedt Arvid when the competition’s cooking starts.

– The jury has challenged me since day one, so now I will challenge them in carbonara talk, says Arvid.

Tom Sjöstedt has eaten a lot of carbonara in his days, but the question is whether he has eaten a really hot and passionate carbonara, which Arvid will now offer.

In case you missed the much talked about clip of the Carbonara couple, you can watch it below.

Tom Sjöstedt is keen to taste Arvid’s carbonara, which became famous when he appeared in “Married at First Sight”. Image source: TV4/SkärmavbildArvid cooks his carbonara in today’s episode of “Sweden’s Master Chef VIP”. Image source: TV4/Screen image

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Arvid Stark: “Want your imagination to run away”

When Tom Sjöstedt comes to taste the famous carbonara, Arvid promises that life will be a little extra hot. The Västerbotten cheese in the dish will also invite the Parmesan to dance, and Arvid believes that it will tingle in more places than one when they taste his dish.

– I want your imagination to run away and maybe open doors that maybe haven’t really been open before. Maybe those rooms that have been a little forbidden or that have been a little difficult, so let this carbonara open these doors, says Arvid to Tom.

Arvid Stark’s carbonara: “Wants you to get hold of the inner glow”

– What will we experience now when we taste this? asks Tom, pointing out that the carbonara actually looks like foreplay to the eyes.

– There are many people who associate sex and intimacy, it could be so, but I want you to get hold of the passion, I want you to get hold of the heat and preferably the inner glow.

Arvid’s carbonara gets a good review from star chef Tom Sjöstedt, you get the heat and the passion. But as with many relationships, the passion dies after that, says Tom.