Tom Brady was like a kid playing console games, expert says – legend who avoided strawberries invented ‘cheat codes’ to win

Tom Brady was like a kid playing console games

Wednesday marked the end of one of the greatest sportsmen of all time, Tom Brady’s, a career as an American football player. Brady announced the matter on social media channels and assured that the termination decision will stand.

A year ago, Brady announced his retirement, but he reversed his decision. The head coach and expert of the Finnish national soccer team Mikko Koikkalainen was surprised by the 45-year-old Brady’s decision.

– A little surprised. I didn’t think he would quit after this season. Of course, his physical limitations started to show last season, so the time is ripe. Still, this somehow came as a small surprise, Koikkalainen tells Urheilu.

In his NFL career, Brady won seven Super Bowl championships and was named the Finals Most Valuable Player five times.

Brady’s career stats were also wild. 89,214 passing yards and 649 passing touchdowns are records in NFL history. Even in the season that ended, he was the quarterback with the third most passing yards in the league.

– In addition to winning seven Super Bowls, he owns all the statistics related to quarterbacking. He is the most famous player in the sport. The fact that he is known outside of this sport is already quite significant, says Koikkalainen.

Brady wasn’t top notch

Commenting on NFL games Mika Laurilan according to Brady’s meaning also extends to normal life. Laurila reminds that Brady was only booked in the sixth round, at number 199. As many as six quarterbacks went ahead.

– He was not believed. Every one of us sometimes wakes up like Tom Brady with a low booking shift, when you know in the morning that this is going to be a good day just by doing. He showed everyone that even if he is not the fastest and strongest, he can become a star.

Including the playoffs, Brady ended up throwing for 102,614 yards in his career, compared to 46,832 passing yards for the other six quarterbacks drafted in 2000.

– Why couldn’t Tom Brady’s importance be seen in everyday life as well? When I go swimming, I thought I’d swim like Tom Brady today, Laurila threw.

According to Koikkalainen, Brady was never physically close to the most talented players. However, his strength of mind and ability to read the game made him exceptional.

– He was able to maintain his level in tight moments. He had incredible competitiveness, competitive drive and a desire to be the best. Do everything to ensure that your body is at its best in matches, says Koikkalainen.

– Kind of like how a young kid while playing a console game comes up with certain cheat codes to be successful, I feel like he did the same thing on the NFL field. He threw a short accurate throw always on target and that was enough. I think it’s Brady’s story, Laurila says.

Brady is also known for his disciplined lifestyle. He doesn’t use any sugar at all and goes to bed early.

– He has lived very strictly and has not eaten strawberries, because it is bad for the body, Koikkalainen states.

– He has an incredible ability to prepare in the best possible way and try to grab all the small advantages, wherever he can. That’s what I remembered most about him.

Sensational rise

For Laurila, the 2017 Super Bowl is particularly memorable from Brady’s career. At that time, the Patriots were losing 3–28, but sensationally rose to the championship.

– It felt incredible. As a spectator, I could have left the game in the middle, but you couldn’t do that when explaining. And then the Patriots stepped up.

– It was something incomprehensible that hadn’t happened before.

Out of youth

Although Brady ended his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Laurila sees Brady as the figure who lifted the Super Bowl trophy in the New England Patriots jersey.

Ending a living legend was also a sign of change for Laurila. It’s finally time for him to let go of his own youth.

– Now I have to let go of the last little claw of my own youth. When I was young, Tom Brady’s name and face entered my consciousness. That era has continued insidiously up to here and I’ve tried to hang on to my youth. Now I’m officially middle-aged because Tom Brady is retiring.

Brady already has things to do for the post-career period, as Brady will become an analyst for the TV channel Fox. According to the New York Post (you will switch to another service) the value of the ten-year contract is 356 million euros.