Tok beauty: the unicorn technique for defined curls without heat

Tok beauty the unicorn technique for defined curls without heat

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    We can no longer stop progress! TikTok users compete in inventiveness to offer tips that are as surprising as they are new – and sometimes effective – intended to optimize their beauty routine. The latest one? The unicorn technique (or ‘unicorn heatless curl’) which would allow you to obtain perfectly defined curls without using any heat source. We tell you everything.

    Exit the smooth blow-dry, curls have gained the favor of social users for several months. But be careful, this is neither about spending a fortune in a state-of-the-art hair salon nor about increasing your electricity bill due to increased use of curling irons. As is often the case on social networks, TikTok in the lead, all solutions are welcome to obtain the Holy Grail at lower cost – and less effort – via tips, each more original than the last. The proof with the ‘bowl method’ which consists of rinsing your hair treatment by dipping your hair in a bowl filled with water, or that of the strainer which results in proper drying using the valuable kitchen utensil.

    But it’s nothing compared to the unicorn technique, which is currently unanimous on the Chinese social network with no less than 37 million views for the hashtag #unicornheatlesscurls. A funny name which obviously refers to the legendary creature because of the appearance it gives to those who adopted it. The objective remains unchanged: it is to obtain perfectly defined curls without any heat source. Shall we try the experiment?

    To achieve such a result, you must have a curling ribbon, which is also called a heatless curler or curler headband – among others – in satin if possible, a texturizing spray, a rubber band or a scrunchie, a good dose of patience and a little skill. Once you have all the ingredients, just get started. Before starting, you should separate your hair into two sections, with a parting in the middle, then brush it so that it is perfectly detangled and spray a little spray to moisten it. Once this first step has been completed, it is essential to place the ribbon to be curled in the center of the head (following the line of the part) and to bring it out at the front – like the horn of a… unicorn.

    It is then a matter of making a very tight French braid (we start with a classic braid then gradually integrate the rest of the hair) by wrapping it around the ribbon to be curled, from the roots to the ends, and the secure with the elastic. A good night’s sleep, and you’ll be adorned with a wavy mane worthy of the most prestigious red carpets. Note, this technique can be made easier by using a clip to hold the ribbon before starting the braid, and requires sleeping on your side. Those who sleep on their back or stomach will not be able to benefit from the virtues of this method which is already unanimously approved on the Chinese social network.