Tok beauty: the broccoli technique to create false freckles

Tok beauty the broccoli technique to create false freckles

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    There are countless make-up tutorials focused on fake freckles, which have become the new stars of social networks in just a few months. Users compete in inventiveness to find tips that are as original as they are effective for reproducing these little brown spots, nicknamed ‘sun kisses’, although they have long been criticized. The latest involves using a well-known vegetable to draw larger-than-life ephelides.

    Freckles have never been a popular choice, but the advent of beauty filters seems to have changed that. It is now possible, thanks to simple applications, to appear on social networks adorned with these multiple spots which offer a ‘sun kissed’ effect to users who use – and abuse – them. As a result, as is often the case, it is now also a question of highlighting them, or reproducing them, in real life, as many celebrities have done, such as Hailey Bieber, Meghan Markle, or Emma Watson. . A trend that quickly gave rise to a thousand and one tips intended to create fake ones using makeup, henna, and other cosmetics.

    In 2022, socionauts were already one after the other to highlight their many sleight of hand tricks to reproduce these pigmented spots. From pencil to liner via patches, cocoa powder, hair sprays, even tattoo sessions (a controversial and dangerous practice), there are countless beauty hacks, as they are called, intended to offer oneself occasionally freckles. Just as original, but absolutely harmless, the latest tip is clearly unanimous among TikTok users, even though it is something to smile about.

    Broccoli, a new beauty ally?

    It’s up to the beauty content creator Abi’s Skincare that we owe the success of this unusual tip, which has already garnered nearly two million views. A small feat for a video that does not exceed fifteen seconds. It must be said that for the purposes of this method the young woman uses an element that is at least original, broccoli, a vegetable visibly more appreciated in the bathroom than on the plate. The reason ? The plant, which resembles a small tree, is equipped with sorts of tiny pimples, perfect for reproducing the coveted freckles.

    Once you understand that, the rest is a breeze. In her video, the beauty influencer takes her broccoli, delicately places it in a highly pigmented (and dark) bronzer, then applies the green vegetable to her cheekbones. The result, it must be admitted, is quite astonishing, even if we must emphasize the food waste that such a trick represents. The fact remains that the latter quickly stood out on the Chinese social network, then spread at great speed, to the point of accumulating millions of views. A safe technique to show off a ‘sun kissed’ effect, as if you had spent your day at the beach – despite the gray weather.