Today there is no Criminal Minds on Sat.1: This is the crime thriller replacement Three Pines with Marvel star Alfred Molina

Today there is no Criminal Minds on Sat1 This is

Crime fans don’t need to cry. The first season of Criminal Minds: Evolution, also known as Criminal Minds Season 16, celebrated its finale on February 6, 2024 on Sat.1. Thanks to the crime adventure Three Pines with Marvel star Alfred Molina (Spider-Man: No Way Home) there is a more than suitable replacement.

Criminal Minds successor with Marvel star on Sat.1: That’s what Three Pines is about

Three Pines is about the clever Canadian investigator Gamache (Molina), who lives in the small town of Three Pines to solve a grisly series of murders. In doing so, he encounters hostilities among the population that go back far into the past.

Check out the English trailer for Three Pines here:

Three Pines – S01 Trailer (English) HD

Three Pines is based on a series of crime novels by Louise Penny now includes 18 published novels. The series was co-produced by Amazon Studios and premiered on Prime Video in many countries, but not in Germany.

When is Three Pines on TV?

Sat.1 will broadcast Three Pines for the next four weeks every Tuesday from 8:15 p.m. in a double episode out of. The first and only season ends with the eighth episode. In addition to Molina, Tantoo Cardinal (Killers of the Flower Moon) can also be seen in front of the camera.

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