Today, an absolute sci-fi disaster is on TV – but almost 40 years later, the franchise has been saved

Today an absolute sci fi disaster is on TV – but

One might think that Dune adaptations are cursed. Alejandro Jodorowsky failed because of his megalomaniac vision and cult director David Lynch was also Dune – The Desert Planet very dissatisfied in retrospect.

It was only 40 years later that Denis Villeneuve delivered versions of his two Dune films that almost everyone could agree on. The cumbersome original from 1984 is on TV today and is still worth a look.

This is what Dune – The Desert Planet by David Lynch is about

In this film adaptation of the Frank Herbert novel, we also experience the story of Paul Atreides (Kyle MacLachlan). The heir to a powerful dynasty ends up on the desert planet Arrakis, where the coveted spice is mined. The stuff is both a hallucinogenic drug and the most valuable resource in the universebecause it is needed for space travel.

In the confusion and turmoil of the year 10,191, House Atreides, House Harkonnen and House Corrino fight for supremacy, Spice and thus Arrakis. The Fremen also live there, a people who can ride the gigantic sandworms that live there. Paul Atreides befriends the local Fremen and over time even becomes their friend. Leader and supposed savior approach.


Dune (1984) by David Lynch

The first sci-fi adaptation of Dune was a mega-flop and David Lynch hates his film Dune – The desert planet by David Lynch was supposed to be positioned as a kind of answer to Star Wars, flopped at the box office but drastically. With a budget of 45 million US dollars, the film only grossed 27.5 million worldwide (via: The Numbers ).

The critics also did not leave a good hair on the film (Roger Ebert gave it only one out of four stars in his devastating review), which was subsequently modified by the studio – much to the annoyance of director David Lynch. He still seems frustrated by what is left of his vision and therefore cannot watch the new film adaptations.

Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look on the very idiosyncratic film, which from today’s perspective seems downright quirky. There is now even a fairly large fan base of the David Lynch work, which celebrates it as a cult film:

TV or stream: When and where is David Lynch’s Dune shown?

If you want to see for yourself which version of Dune is the best, you have the opportunity to do so today. Monday, June 10th from 22:20 on Tele5 the opportunity. The repeat will take place on the night of June 11th to 12th at 0:45 am.

Otherwise, the film can also be streamed online. You can’t currently find it in any streaming or subscription flat rate, but you can find it on the on-demand platforms Magenta TV, Apple TV, Amazon, Maxdome and Google.

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