To maximize your chances of getting a date, try this…vocal technique!

To maximize your chances of getting a date try thisvocal

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    During the seduction phase, a behavior could greatly help you… This would have a link with your voice. We will explain everything to you.

    Who says meeting on the internet says messages! Besides, it seems that something can help you stand out from the competition… or better choose the suitor who suits you, in order to land a first date. To increase your chances of setting a date with the person you are interested in, a small detail could make the difference.

    The voice: a powerful weapon of seduction

    If physique and personality are important factors in terms of seduction, they are not the only ones that are taken into account. Indeed, your voice could be a real weapon to seduce a potential partner. According to a survey by the dating app Hinge, sending a voice note during a conversation increases the likelihood of getting a date by 48%.

    Furthermore, almost two thirds (65%) of those ready to meet people think that hearing a person’s voice can reveal future affinities. In 2021, Hinge also revealed that for 52% of users, a voice note helped learn more about a potential partner.

    What is the voice note used for?

    Logan Ury, Director of Relationship Science at Hinge, explains the role of the voice note: “This allows you to check early on how the other person is making you feel, whether it’s chemistry, confusion, or disinterest.”. Expert love and connection therapist Moe Ari Brown also explains that hearing “Someone’s voice reveals information about their personality. This is different from a photo or a written message.”

    What if you don’t like your voice? Most people don’t like their own sound and find it too high-pitched or monotonous. If you don’t dare to make voice notes for fear that your voice won’t be attractive, think again! According to Preston Ni, communications coach at CNBC, it’s not the bass side of a man or the soft side of a woman that makes your voice sexy. In reality, it is above all the confidence and enthusiasm that it exudes, which will make it an effective way to captivate your future partner. To maximize your chances, the expert advises: “Speak with a smile and imagine that you already know the person you are courting. If you feel like laughing, do not hesitate to capture these moments of joy vocally in order to connect more with your potential partner.”

    Hands, lips... Decode the signs during a first date!

    Slide: Hands, lips… Decode the signs during a first date!